Igor’s guitar journey part 2

After almost a year of absence, due to sickness, I’m back at it👊
Decided to start all over again, with grade 1 , module 1.
Not that I was a lot further last year, but lost almost everything I had learned.

My gear, Fender cd 60 v3, in my truck. At home I wanted to use my wife’s old classical guitar, but after cleaning and putting on new string’s this week, and while tuning , broke the 6the string again🫣( first time putting strings on a guitar), I found out I don’t really like playing on that guitar, I gues the tuning is , since I have no experience tuning by ear, and with new strings you need a reference string to tune with a tuner, also I don’t like the feeling.
I’m going to ask my daughter, if I can use her electric guitar at home for the time being.
But I have a little doubt, if it is a good idea to mix acoustic and electric guitars in this stage.

3 weeks ago I started to practice , and now I feel confident enough to proceed to module 2

A&D chords are good, one minute change,have an average of 32 with most sounding ok.
I started out with, born in the USA , on the app on half speed, strum on beat one, but it just sounds like chord change, then I tried, give peace a chance, which on a good day starts to sound like music a Little bit😁

For the moment my practice routine consists of what Justin advice’s, and almost every day of the week, I also do some dexterity exercises for 10 minutes a day.

Next week I’m also starting with ear training and music theory .



Hi Igor,

Welcome back to guitar playing. It sounds like you are making good progress already.

It is a fair bit to be starting on module 1 and doing ear training and music theory at the same time so if you do start to feel overwhelmed you might want to consider staggering those courses a bit. See how you go. We all learn in different ways so it might be no problem at all for you. The main thing is that you are having fun when playing.

Good luck with everything.


Good to hear you are again in a healthy state to (among other things) pick up the guitar again, Igor. Nothing wrong with mixing up playing on an acoustic and an electric. In the early days there is no material difference. You will likely find it is easier to fret chords on the electric due to typically the action being lower and the strings being lighter gauge. Without an amplifier the electric won’t sound as good but you’ll hear enough to practice on the electric if you don’t have an amplifier. If you do I suggest keeping the tone really clean so you can hear most clearly what you are playing.


I totally agree, that it’s a bit much, for the moment I’m going to favor the ear training above the music theory.
Since I have no sense of rhythm for the moment, I think ear training is just a little more important right now.
The theory is something extra.

Hi David,
Thank you.
It’s nice t hear, that mixup guitar’s won’t be a problem.
I think there is an amplifier with the guitar, we’ll see.

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Hi Igor. Good you started your learning log to receive advice and encouragement about your guitar learning. Slowly but steadily you will be able to build a repertoire of songs you can play at least a basic version of it.

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Hi dobleA,
I’m sure I will find some good advice, all nice helpful people here.
For the moment it is pretty straight forward with the practice, and I’m doing ok, the songs are sounding more as a chord change practice, but I guess that’s normal at this stage

Grade 1 module 2, first week.

First week of module 2 is done.

E chord came actually pretty quick , A &D chords where a little harder then before???
Anchor vinger practice is ok
One minute change A & D were a little less clear sounding than before, A & E and E &D progressed from 17 to 30 today, but not always clear.
Peter Gunn rif still verry slowly
Also started practicing on finger dexterity and strumming, and started to explore ear training.

I’m still working on give peace a change, because it’s not there yet, but getting better sometimes.
My song for module 2 is the buffalo Springfield, on 60% with the focus on chord change.

My practice regime

Justin’s practice routine
Minimum 5 days a week, 10min and 10min song practice . Done 6 days this week

Finger practice and strumming
Whenever possible , each 5 min. Strumming on one, one and three, on the beat, metronome on 90bps.
Dexterity, spider, and Peter gunn

Ear training
Happy birthday, don’t call me to perform yet :face_with_peeking_eye:
Singing a note, warning ear damage guaranty :grin:

I’m using the app for the practice routine, strumming and songs.
But I do note everything on th website as well.

It’s been a fun week, with ups and downs, but that’s the way it goes I guess.

And my first recording, witch gave me a lot insight on wat I’m doing wrong.


Hi Igor, progressing well. Only thing I see that you could improve on in your first video is that you are stopping your strumming rhythm when changing chords. Keep your strumming arm moving while changing chords, and you’re on a winner. :clap:

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Hi Dave,
I noticed that, I was under the impression, I kept moving while struggling with the chords.
So filming myself is going to be a regular thing from now on.

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Maybe slow down the tempo a little to give more time for chord changes. You can gradually increase the tempo as you become more proficient with the chord changes,
You look like strumming will come easily, so focus on chord changes first. Try Justin’s Perfect Changes/Fast changes practice routine on a couple of chords such as A to E, then A to D and finally E to D. You’ll be making fast and perfect chord changes before you know it.
No expert here, but I found using my index finger (keeping it on the G string) as a pivot, and when moving between E and A and A and D, just sliding that finger up or down the G string without lifting it off. That way you are always ‘located’ on the neck and only changing two fingers around.
Hope that helps.

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Progress update,
As of tomorrow I will be attacking, grade 1 module 3

Chords a, d and e going fairly good, les of a struggle with my hand position, d chord stil with middle and ring vinger moving on by one

Omc : average of 35 on a/d, a/e and d/e and on on a good day I managed 40

Strumming on beat one, is going ok

Peter gun, is starting to go a little faster

Tapping my foot on the beat, is sometimes ok, but find still difficult to find the beat in songs, seems to be a little easier on rock songs and seventies music.

Still going 6 days out of seven, and some extra strumming and finger dexterity exercises during of time. And I throw in some hear training as wel sometimes.

Playing my songs is still a big challenge, but I think keeping my strumming hand going is a little beter.

Since I hit the strings a little harder, I’m under the impression, my chord changes improved.

Still having fun with it all.

And I came very close to buying a new electric guitar, almost :grin:
It was love on first sight, but I’m going to wait at least until the end of this year.
It was the Epiphone Les Paul 59 , man she was a beauty.

Didn’t get the guitar, but got a lot of motivation in stead.


Update 3

Still practicing 5/7 on average, short sessions during the day, and longer in the evening.

Chord and strumming exercises separately, works fine.
Putting both together, disappointing bad.

I sometimes wonder, if I will ever play a song.
Even give peace a chance from module 1 , doesn’t seem to work for the moment.

So I changed up my practice routine, I put more effort in chord changes while strumming with a metronome, perfect chords, air chords…
And a lot of strumming practice from the first 3 modules.
This combined with finger gym, riffs, music theory and ear training.

I still practice songs, but not so much, since it makes me nervous and makes me want to quit.

This week I have my daughters guitar in Hungary, to practice on while at home.
Originally it was ment to be a loaner, until I could by a second on for myself.
But she gave it to me, so I’m very grateful :heart_hands:

It’s a Richwood re130 electric guitar with a in-line 6 amplifier.
For practice I play it on clean, but sometimes I fiddle around after practice :sunglasses:


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