II-I-V-IV Song Idea

I am currently working on the theory course, and have been studying some chord progressions with diatonic quadads. I quite like the II-I-V-IV progression, so I have been playing around with putting it into a song idea.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Hey, sounds good! I think you could save a lot of filming and/or recording with a looper though, great practice tool too!

Also your head stock is missing 🥸

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Hi Damien welcome to the Community.
That was great but a bit too short for me to form an opinion. I liked all the video in video stuff.

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Thanks! I do play with a looper sometimes when working out ideas, but I also like to play around with multi-track recording as well to gradually build skills in that realm.

Headstocks are overrated IMO :wink:

Thanks! If I waited until I had every idea fully fleshed out, I would never post anything :joy:

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Sounds good so far. I like the basic progression, and liked how you were building on it. You left us wanting more. :slight_smile:

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This was nice, it sounds like an interesting idea/project to develop?

Damien good to see you made it here!

Sounds like a promising foundation for something longer. Are you thinking just instrumental or will you be throwing some words at it ? Looking forward to see where this goes.



Thank you! Perhaps, I will let it continue to simmer for a while and see what happens.

I have never really been into vocalizing with my music. Maybe one day I will level-up to that, but for now I am happy to just play the guitar.

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Enjoyed it and have to say it has a nice melodic flow to it.

I have never seen that type of guitar prior. What is it?

Rock it down some more,

Thank you! The guitar is a Strandberg Boden Standard.

Sounded great! I dig when folks work through progressions like this, layering tone and keeping it to around a minute or under! This is a winning formula that I wish more people (myself included at times) would latch onto. No ear fatigue, and we can loop a couple of times (which I did) if we want more. Bravo!

As for “quadads”, I fish with artificial ones. The live ones are even illegal now on some lakes:

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Thanks! It works well for social media too!

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Don’t have any specific feedback other than that sounded cooled and convinced I need to do the theory modules. :laughing:


I have really enjoyed working through the theory course. I still have more to do, but I just keep picking away at it.

Sounded good to me. That progression worked well. I can totally relate. I’d never post anything either if I waited to flesh everything out. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you, fleshed out or not.

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Hi Damien, good work!

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