I'm As Good As I Ever Was

As of this morning, I figure I’m as good as I ever was, which was never that advanced. In the several times that I’ve picked up the guitar and then put it back down for various “reasons,” I’ve always maintained some level of “ability.” Easy to get back to some basic chords; remember to use an anchor finger, and so on. Let’s say that someone got to Grade 2, Module 9 several times … that’s me. I look forward to slowly and surely making it through Grade 2, hanging out at the Consolidation long enough to make sure I’ve got it down, and moving on to Grade 3. I think that when that happens, I’ll go stand on the back porch and stare at the trees and think about how many times I’ve stopped and started, the time I’ve wasted, and the fact that I started one more time than I stopped.

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Sounds better if you say:
“I’ve never been as good as this!” :grinning:


That’s tomorrow! Once I take one step beyond today, I can say that!


Cool, back to where you were. Keep at it Michael.
The more ya play, the better ya get.
Besides, it’s fun making music. :wink:

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Beautiful, brother. I love what you wrote. I’m 68, done the same thing, and now I’m just going to keep going, learning, picking it up every day, playing. We may have wasted a lot of time, and on the other hand, nothing to feel bad about. We’ve worked hard, taking care of family, growing in a lot of other ways, keeping our priorities focused on the poeple who matter most. Most important thing: we’re here. We’re having fun. We’re getting better every day.