I'm confused navigating the site and want to know if I can go to a module without having down all those before it? Thank

I’m still confused on navigating the site. I asked whether i could do a module without all the other lessons and never got an answer; it was a while ago. I would like to access this lesson
What would you advise I do

not having luck with the link to Arte fingerpicking and barre chords

Hi Tima @wwwoolf, Here’s the “How To Play Easy Chord Shapes Up The Neck” lesson. You can access the lesson without completing the preceding lessons. Whether you have the skills to “perform” the lesson depends on what you’ve done in the past. If I recall, you’re a seasoned player, so hopefully this lesson will be useful for you!

Tima @wwwoolf
It really depends how far you are through the overall course.
Grades 1 and 2 don’t jump ahead these are basic skills, however Grade 3 and above there may be reasons to jump ahead, perhaps you need a particular skill.
Just my thoughts

This should help you find your way around.


Just select the Courses drop down menu on your dashboard and select Lesson Map.

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@wwwoolf use keywords in the search. This will bring all the lessons using these search words.