I'm getting a scratchy sound when I change chords

When changing between one chord and the next (on electric guitar) I get a scratchy sound (on the odd occasion that i get the chord correct!). Is this because I´m changing to the next chord too quickly ? (which is my only option at the moment to get my fingers in the right place in time!!)

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Hi @richardsteedman

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I’m taking an educated guess here, but it sounds like you are dragging your fingers across the wound strings. This is hard to avoid and you can be aware of it for now and work on truly controlling it later. As you get better, it improves. It helps to turn the gain down a bit too, especially if you don’t need distortion.

To improve this, you will want to lift your chord off as straight as you can, then move your hand, then drop the new chord back down. Again, this is not something to get too worried about in grade 1.

Another source may be described more like “buzzing”. This happens when you are too far back on the fret, and it is really noticed when you lift the finger off to move it. It is short-lived, but can sound like you missed. I don’t think this is what you are describing, but thought I’d mention it just in case.

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Thank you. You´ve prompted another question from me. Is there a module that explains the best way for a beginner to set up an electric guitar and amp. I have borrowed both from a friend to start my guitar learning journey but am unsure what all the knobs and levers do on the guitar and the amp! Thanks

You will find those answers all over and not always where you think.

Ironically, I did a quick answer to someone else a couple days ago that will get you started.
See this: Beginner East Coast 35W Amp Help! - #4 by sequences

If you still have questions, dig around a bit or start a new thread in the gear section.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

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