I'm having difficulty listening to guitar parts

I’m having problems listening for guitar parts when vocals are playing. Is there any software that can mute the vocals so I can just listen to the guitar sounds?

I know s/w exists, and I’m sure there will be someone along shortly with some suggestions. What I would say is that singling out parts while listening is a skill that will improve with practice so I’d encourage you to keep trying - even if you use s/w after trying for a bit. I’m not great at it, but I am getting better. Using decent headphones with a flat response can help too.

I also use it for slowing tempo, looping sections, and transposing to suit my voice.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. thank you

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I’ll keep trying to do it without software but if I find it too hard I’ll use the software. Thanks for your help

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if you have a mac: ‎Capo on the Mac App Store can do that but you need to play around with the filter settings, or if you are lucky you may be able to find the isolated track on youtube or similar

I can’t prove it, but I believe that using the track isolation software is actually helping me develop my ear, and that I will need the software less and less as I progress.

Time will tell…

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