I'm making a chord book - F and B Major chords - are they open?

I’m making my own chord book and was wondering if F Major and B Major Chords are classed as open chords? If not would it still be okay to add them in with my open chords section?

Ryan, they are completely not open chords.
Both require a barre.


As above.

F is an E shape barre chord, B is an A shape barre.

I’m sorry it was a stupid question. I should of looked at a chord diagram before posting, a bit lazy on my part. I just presumed those 2 chords were in the open position. I’ll stick them in a barre chord section. Thank you for your help.

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No worries.
Justin’s chord library will help you in your task.

Little footnote: both the F major and B major can be played as E-shape or A-shape barre chords, but that will be a bit further down the road for you.

If you want to have the F major and B major as open chords, you will need to use an alternate tuning. For example, tuning all strings 1 semitone lower than standard will give you an open B chord if you play the “usual” open C grip. Similarly, tuning all strings 1 semitone higher (or putting a capo at the 1st fret in standard tuning) will give you an open F chord with the “usual” open E grip. Of course, there are several other options with alternate tunings, e.g. open tunings.