I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith Lesson

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Great sound on this one Justin!
I’ve actually found it easier to put a capo on 5 and play the chords that way. It just means the melody notes move to the 3rd and 4th strings.
Bb and C barre chords are still needed but just feels easier to me to keep things in one area of the fret board.
Great lesson

Scrub that! You can actually play it without barre chords with capo 5
G is the C chord and the Bb major can be played as a mini E shape, effectively an F chord if counting that capo as the nut.
I think it has a pretty cool sound :grin:

I agree. You need to play this with the capo at the 5th fret for this to be a grade 2 song. That is how it is taught in the Justin Beginner’s Songbook Volume II. Justin actually mentions in the songbook that the original as played in this video is in the key of F major and would be more enjoyable when you have “nailed your barre chords”