I'm only sleeping, first upload

OK guys, first upload. You never know I might fancy an open mic night one day…
More of a lurker than a poster so a little background.
Been playing for just about three years, the first two using Justin and then I’ve kind of lost my way a bit in the sense of pushing myself forward.
I play everyday but the last year just having a bash at anything I fancy with no real direction.
I got through a good bit of Justins beginners when he started updating it and found myself jumping about the both. Finished that and ploughed through the intermediate then kinda just stopped.
I know I need to get a proper practice regime again deciding what I need to improve and direction I want to pursue.

Anyway here’s my attempt at I’m only sleeping. A friend who’s a massive Beatles fan was round at mine when I asked if he’d seen the new promo video for the re-jigged tune. Watch it if you haven’t , it’s incredible. Anyhoo we worked it out and the video is my attempt, sorry about the singing !
Happy for any constructive criticism.
Cheers, Adi.


Nicely played, Adrian; I’ve always liked this song (my father had Revolver in his LP collection, and I discovered that when I was a boy).

I know what you mean about losing your way with no real direction, practice-wise. I did that for years. Glad to hear you’re ready to apply yourself to a proper practice plan, again.

As far as constructive criticism, the main thing I’d suggest for this song is working on timing. Because of the “pauses” in the song it makes it easy for the beat to get a bit lost (especially in a performance that is only guitar and vocal). I’d suggest keeping your arm in motion to the beat, even when you’re not strumming, and practicing with a metronome or drum beat.

Is the new video for I’m Only Sleeping the one with animated oil paintings? That’s definitely awesome.

Hi Adrian,
Concrets with your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:
Good that you came out of the shadows :smiley:
Lot to like :sunglasses:

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Vibes for posting your first AVoYP Adrian. I loved the tone of your voice. It’s got a great rasp to it.
I agree with Jason. Keep that strumming hand moving.
Well done.

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Yep, the cell animation one, an incredible piece of art in itself.
Yes, timing , always been a challenge . I normally do have the old arm swinging, a bit of red light fever I think and there’s stops and starts in the tune. Took me 18 months at least before I could get my foot tapping without tripping me up so to speak. I’m painfully aware of my timing and constantly trying to improve that aspect .
Cheers, Adi.

Nice guitar playing, as someone said the pauses here and there could be eliminated for better flow. I liked your voice and in a way wanted to hear it more boldly!

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‘Fab’ intro Adrian :smiley:
The ‘swinging arm’ issue has been addressed.
The singing was fine.
The recommended video was great.
Encore :smiley:

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That sounded pretty good Adrian and I think a positive step in your journey to post here. I know what you mean in terms of pushing yourself forward…you get to a point where you feel comfortable playing guitar and songs but what next? Well performing (even recording yourself like this) will push you forward and it forces you to make sure you’re a bit tighter in your playing and singing.

You are certainly at a good enough standard for an OM…keep an eye out for our next online one as that’s a good intro and way of getting involved more in the community. Doing something like that will encourage you to build a setlist of songs that you can perfect and perform easily…all ready to take it out into the real world (if you want).

One slight comment on your singing…try and project your voice more. It could have been the mic positioning but at times you sound like you are singing to yourself and it comes across as mumbled. Definitely sounded better as you got into the song. There was no problem with your vocal it just wasn’t coming across very clearly (for me).

What he ^^^^^^^^ said, also another thing that I wondered about is are you pushing yourself with the higher notes! It sounded like you may be to me - if not ignore what I said, if you are try using a Capo to change the key to suit what you’re more comfortable with!

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Excellent work Adrian! I know what you mean about red light fever, the first video I uploaded to youtube must have been about the 10th take, and even then it wasn’t quite right. They never are!

But anyway, I thought that was a terrific performance. Hope to see you at the next OM.

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Thanks for the comments. I’m naturally shy and introvert by nature. In the line when asking for volunteers I’m the one taking a step back ! So just putting a phone on myself and recording makes me stiffen up I guess and looking back at the video shows that (to me) in spades. A matter of taking the leap and getting used to it I guess.
I’ve watched most of the OM but not been able to make the last four of five as it always clashed with something, one day I’ll manage it.
The singing thing harks back to the self confidence thing I think. I was more concentrating (probably too much, interrupting the feel) on the playing, but I certainly take your point.

Thanks again ,Adi.

Fully understandable and I would not worry about it at all…as they say practice makes perfect OR at least better. As you record or perform more your confidence will grow and you’ll think about it less. You are doing the right thing.

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Well done Adrian on your first post. Really well played and sung. You are off to a great start! Keep them coming.

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Great first post Adi and congrats on breaking through that barrier. First one is always the hardest. Definitely good enough for our OMs for sure. I’d echo the observations but singing and playing is not easy and its certainly a skill that needs to be learnt but you have a good foundation to build on !

Can relate to lacking direction post the IM. It happened to me and in the meantime Justin started rewriting everything, so after dipping my toe into the Blues courses I went back to check out the new material and grades. Still working my back to where I was or thought I was !!

Put that down to consolidating and having some fun :wink:


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That’s great Adi, really nicely executed. Some good advice given already all I can say is keep it up!

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Bravo on the first AVOYP, Adrian.

Nothing more I can add on the recordings itself.

As @Rossco01 said, giving focus to building a repertoire for performance and sharing AVOYPs can provide focus, direction and motivation if you feel you are drifting. And in time you may become inspired to develop additional abilities to either play specific songs or music.

I concur that nased on this recording you have the ability to play an Open Mic. For most, ability is not the issue, more the mindset and desire. IT too can be a goal that helps one to stay engaged.

Keep on keeping on!

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Congrats on your first AVOYP! There isn’t much for me to add to the other comments other than welcome!

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Cheers, and that pretty much mirrors my experience to be fair.

Love it! And congratuations on posting your first video here. I completely understand about “red-light” fever. Someone commented on the nice rasp in your voice, and I concur. <3 I think you’re going to build some more confidence and surprise yourself with how you can use this to take your songs to the next level!

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Hi Adrian,

Nice job. Cool tune.
Did you ever hear Sugg’s cover of this? Worth checking out.

I agree with the other comments about your vocal - sounds like there is a lot to come from you. Don’t be shy. Lol.


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