I'm redrhodie, and I'm new?

Not exactly new to Justin guitar, but new to posting on the new community place.

I think I started learning guitar with Justin in 2012. It’s been a while. I’m not a very good guitarist for as long as I’ve been playing. :blush: There are some people, most people here, who continue to learn and improve and it’s really mind blowing. I’ve been happy just learning enough chords to write some simple songs. It’s pretty amazing what one can do with three chords. :grin:


Lynn, you will always be an inspiration to me. Your rendition of Wish You Were Here and Sounds of Silence are top of mind. Your original music is delightful, both your solo singer-songwriter performances and the full band productions.

You’ve shared all the different activities that keep you busy of late, which is wonderful. But I am sure I am not alone in saying, it will be happy day when you have time to make some recordings to share here or some paintings or more harpsichord work updates.

You were also always super encouraging and supportive of my own efforts, one of those who epitomise the ethos and spirit of this Community. I’m delighted to hear from you again as we make this move and hold thumbs you will have time to be around here a little more frequently.


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Hi Lynn, love to see you’ve made it across!

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Hi Lynn good to officially see you. :grin:
And I think you do yourself an injustice, it is always a pleasure to listen to you. :sunglasses:

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Welcome Lynn across to the new community

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Thanks David! I’ve just posted a couple of paintings in Keith’s new art thread. I really appreciate that you still remember those songs and videos. It’s been a long time.

I’m hopeful this new platform will help me be more active again. I’d been having a lot of issues with the old forum. Now that I’ve gotten my avatar sorted, I’m feeling more optimistic!

Thanks Toby! I’m just trying to see how to quote, and you’re the guinea pig. Haha.

Well you are looking good and when I remember American for tick I’ll give you a big :heavy_check_mark: on the quote !

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Cool, will head over to take a look, Lynn.

Glad to hear it and the avatar is :100:

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Alright Red, good to see you again. I’ve been wondering about you. So glad that all is well and you are back in the fold. :clap:

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Thanks Clint! I’ve been good, just busy. Not complaining! Like @Majik , I’ve been doing some background acting, which has taken up a lot of free time. You might catch a glimpse of me in a new series coming out next month on HBO called The Gilded Age. (:blush: But hopefully I’m unrecognizable. Haha.) I’m also working even more on harpsichords, not just decorating them anymore, learning from master technicians. All this means my guitar playing really sucks. My callouses are gone and my chords are sloppy when I do play. I know it’ll come back, but I’m getting so bad I may need to restart from the beginning.

How are things in the garden?


That is super-cool. :slight_smile: :+1:

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Really cool beans Red! Super thrilled for you. The garden is doing well, it’s the cool season so citrus is going great and so are greens and root veg such as spinach, chard, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, kale and all the rest.

To everything there is a season. :slight_smile:

Turn turn turn. I bet that songs about tilling the soil. :blush:

:sunglasses: No harpsichord tech has ever been this cool. Haha.

Lol. I’m into instruments of all sorts, and art, so yeah!

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Hi Lynn. Nice to see you here! And trust me you’re not a bad guitarist. In fact one of the best songwriters I know!

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