I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Slide on Resonator

That sounds great nice work!

I bought a slide but have not yet really got to grips with it at all :confused:

Thanks Rob! Learning to control the slide is taking some time. Since I am learning to use two very different types, even longer. I an really having to step back, slow down, and focus on technique. When I get it right it feels great though. :sunglasses:

This was a very enjoyable listening Mark! I completely ignore what this slide technique is but I would say you had a great start with it! By the way…I love that guitar!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks Sylvia! This guitar does seem to get a lot of love. :smile:

Always good to see and listen to you play Mark. And good to hear the resonator too.

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Thanks Jon, it is a fun instrument.

Hi Mark,

Always enjoyed that resonator sound and slide guitar. Makes me want to watch that great film - Crossroads.

Mellow, bluesy, super chilled.

Cool stuff.


Thanks Stephen!