I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Slide on Resonator

I thought that April Fools Day would be the perfect opportunity to post a video of me learning to play a resonator with a slide. :cowboy_hat_face: I was inspired to learn slide by Justin Johnson a couple of years ago (and buy the resonator), but of course I started with music way above my pay grade. I finally downloaded his version the easiest song I could find, and simplified it more. This is the result. :grin: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry - Slide on Resonator


That was super cool and very pleasant on the ears Mark. Beautiful resonator too btw. :sunglasses:

Thoroughly enjoyed that, Mark. Like you I have a resonator and slide but never got as far as even trying what you’ve achieved. And I so love the sound of the slide on a resonator!

That sounds amazing Mark! I love the sound of a resonator, and Justin Johnson is awesome.

That is an awesome start with slide, Mark. Love the sound and hope you have more coming in the future.

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@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, I do like the green patina they put on it. As the promotional info says, it looks like it has spent the last 20 years in a swamp. :smirk: It is pretty heavy and a bit bottom heavy with the brass body.

@DavidP Thanks David, it has taken a lot of attempts and breaks to start figuring it out. I bounce back in forth between this light slide on my pinky, which I have started to settle on, and a ceramic one on my ring finger. The challenge with the pinky is control. I found using my ring finger to add control by placing it slightly on the top edge really helps.

@twistor59 Thanks Phil, I purchased a couple of lessons and three songs from Justin Johnson. The lessons were on Slide Foundations and were quite helpful.


Thanks Dave. Let’s call it a ‘staggered’ start. :wink: I started, paused, re-started, paused, etc. I’m determined to keep it going this time. :sunglasses:

Excellent, Mark. The only problem with your performance is that now I want a resonator! haha


Thanks Tosh! I’m always happy to help support G.A.S. !


Hello Mark, that was a really enjoyable rendition :blush:. JJ is awesome! I love his playing style, and resonator guitars are really cool :star_struck:.
I hope you stick with it, so that we can enjoy some more covers from you :smiley:.

Thanks Nicole! I’ve started my next challenge, Lost in the Storm by JJ. :sunglasses:

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I’m looking forward to it :smiley:!

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Wow, that sounds pretty good, Mark! :smiley:

Love the sound of resonator guitars played with bottleneck slides, giving me some good Country and/or Bluegrass vibes. :slight_smile: You are well on your way playing that style, really good stuff and I’m already looking forward to your next piece! You making it look so easy to combine the slides with fingerstyle and the steady thumb going.

That was not standard tuning, was it?

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Lisa! The tuning was open A (low to high): E A E A C#E.

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Super tones Mark. Lots of fun to be had in the future with that there geetar! :smiley:

Thanks Gordon! I might even have to make myself a wood one. :thinking::smirk:

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Hey Mark ! Sounds good ! Love it ! You inspire me to (finally) try to use the slide tube I bought. (Is “Slyde tube” the right term?..). It stays on the desk, looking at me… One day… Thanks again !

Thanks Luc! I totally understand. I kept starting and stopping for quite a while. It is just called a slide, there are many types. i switch between the brass pinky slide I used in the video, and a ceramic one I use on my ring finger. It is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the infos Mark. Mine is made of glass… Looks like glass… There must be different tones coming from different materials I guess. One day I’ll just jump in the pool :joy: Thanks again Mark and have a great day. :pray:

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Jump on in Luc, the water’s fine. :grin:

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