I'm unsure how to organise my Grade 4 practice time & routine. Any help please?

I just moved into Grade 4 and don’t quite understand the lesson structure and its’ application to the suggested practice schedule.

For instance, one suggested practice routine item includes 5 minutes per day of Major Scale Maestro Course. The Major Scale Maestro Course comprises 10 lessons for a total of almost 3 hours. So, am I supposed to complete the Major Scale Maestro Course, and then start the 5 minutes per day of practice for this item? Or are the 5 minutes per day of practice meant to be spent going through the course. The same goes for the Music Theory practice item, the Scale Practice item, etc.

Or, do I go through all the listed Essential Modules (Chord Study, Technique, etc) all in order and at completion of the last one, begin the suggested practice routine?

Thanks in advance.

From my understanding, the layout of the course is different than grades 1-3.

Grade 4 is not divided by modules that we follow one after the other. Instead, we do a little bit of each module everyday since each module covers an area of the pratice routine (technique, knowledge, transcribing, repertoire). Therefore, we work on the modules in parallel.

To start, I think that the intent is to pratice the first video of the 5 modules for 5 minutes each everyday: Rythm Maestro, E Shappe Barre Chord, Major scale Maestro, Blues guitar studies and Transcribing course . And move to the next videos of each module once we feel confident with the video’s pratice exercices.

And, off course, learn songs too.