Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry (cover)

Hello everyone.
Some time ago, when I was finishing my work on this cover, friends came to visit me. And suddenly I came up with the idea to record our cheerful company as backing vocalists. We moved into my “music room”, I put a microphone in the center, put on headphones and began conducting.
It turned out all in one attempt (watch the video).
That’s how Chevalier Vick and The Chickens vocal trio were born :grinning:
In this cover, I used Ibanez e-guitar, bass Fender, keys (synth bass and something else) and drums from Addictive Drums.
The lyrics are on the SoundCloud.
Hope you enjoy it,


That was super rad! I love how it kicked in at the 3 min mark. The chicken trio… haha fantastic banging it out in the background at the end.

Man I have got to take after you and start recording. When I do, I am going to bust out some mics when some of my friends are over and after we are a bit loaded. Maybe we can get some synchronized recorded shouts in there. With a little luck I will have something a tenth as cool as what I just listened to.

Regardless it would be a load of fun. Thanks for the great upload, and fun video, what a blast. Of course your audio sounded fantastic.

BTW, that bass rip at the end, I am no expert, but ahh, yeah. Nice! :+1:t2:

Sounds great, Leo, some great tones and laters (instruments and vocals).

Enjoyed the short video clip of The Chickens.

What was the disc on the wall?

This sounds great Leo! And the video was very fun to watch! Hey!

@ontime1969, @DavidP, @SILVIA
Thanks guys for watching/listening and writing. It was a really hilarious impromptu :smile:
Sharp-eyed David, there is a souvenir “platinum disc” on the wall, which was given to me three years ago for my birthday by these friends of mine who are in the video.
Included with this one, there was a real vinyl disc with my 8 covers, which they ordered from the studio (of course, in a single copy :star_struck:).
I listen to it from time to time so I don’t forget :wink:

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That’s such a cool gift, Leo. 8 covers recorded in a studio! I had either forgotten or never knew you’d achieved that.

What a cool production, Leo :star_struck:.
And the background girls put this ‘little extra’ on it :smiley:.
Sounds great :+1::clap::clap::clap:!


David, don’t worry, you’re fine! :sunglasses:
I haven’t told anyone here about this.



Thank you, Nicole! You’re absolutely right :+1:
And anyway, what would we men do in this world without you ladies? :grinning:

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Well now,
That was a breath of some rarified air mate! Heavy on the rockin and not lackin, this one was a cool rendition of what Leo and Company bring to the table. Lip smacking good stuff for sure. Out of all the hard vibes comes the slow and mellow mid section. I actually really liked that. Maybe you could do something else like that Leo?

All was good to me, you have upped you game and are doing well Leo. Keep up the good vibes for sure!


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Hi Leo,
Very nice to see some kind of image of you and what an amazing wonderful and powerful song :boom: … many people will press the gas pedal of their car just a little too fanatically in the car with this music on… :grin:
Thank you :man_bowing:
:sunglasses: :clap: :clap:

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Another really cool production Leo and love the vocalist extras!!

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Thanks Mark, glad you like it!

Rogier,thank you!
Let our cars go faster with good music. And I also noticed that the engine power increases by at least 20% when a pretty woman is sitting in the passenger seat :smile:

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Hello, LB! Thanks for your feedback, I always appreciate your posts.
And I’ll think about your suggestion about slow but mellow music :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Leo,

Hope you’re good.

Only knew one song by Imagine dragons before hearing this. think i need to check them out more.

Great production.
Cool groove to the song. Don’t know why but it made me think of “That’s All” by Genesis.
Lovely bridge - showing you’re mellow side. :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed the mix of instrumentation.


Digger, thanks for response :slightly_smiling_face:
There is something attractive about Imagine Dragons. And I respect them for their clear civic position.
Btw, the only song you know is not Sharks? This is my favorite, and I posted my cover of it here.

Hello Leo. As always everything sounds great!
I really liked this cover! :+1: :clap:

Hi Leo, this is such a high quality production. Really enjoyed it!

Well, a new band, Leo and the Chicks!!
Conductor Leo, that is one great piece of music you’ve put together. This was kind of a departure from your norm and I really enjoyed it. The impromptu backup singers was great, and the video is hilarious. What a creative move you did with that. I’m so glad you shared it with us. :clap: :clap: :clap: