Imagine Dragons - Sharks (cover)

hello everyone!
there is such a small background here.
about a month ago, a pretty lady (my work colleague) sent me a link to this song and said that she listens to it all day. I am aware that there is such a band “Imagine Dragons”, but I am not their fan.
And the style of pop rock is also not my favorite. But I was wondering what “hooked” this lady so much, and I decided to try to do this cover. Well, at the same time, I wanted to get a good grade from her, which happened later. I think many people will understand me correctly :wink:
There’s not much guitar in this cover (it doesn’t seem to be in the original at all), but there are a lot of synths. Anyway, it seems to me that I didn’t waste my time in vain :grin:
Please listen and comment.
Keep on rocking,
P.S. a few days ago, our authorities blocked SoundCloud in my country, so vpn helps us :star_struck:
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Haha, you never disappoint in surprising me, Leo :laughing:
Not at all the guitar-shredding dark rock, with Magic Mike on lumberjack duties :axe:
What can I say? You introduced me to a band that I too had heard of, but not savoured.
Hmmm :thinking:
Machiavelli would be proud of your carefully planned wooing tactics, especially as you clearly signal the predatory nature of your intentions.
Is it possible you are indeed the prey and not the the other way around? :laughing:
Either way, a fun project with interesting results and I wish you and your colleague well, whatever happens…

You be careful and look after yourself, my friend :wink:

Hi Leo,
Wonderful song with a catchy tempo and tune in it … could of course have used some sharp guitar (it’s also a nice song to play with right away, I still had the guitar around my neck), but that was not necessary … delicious,
And thanks for vpn…good luck :worried:

Great Job Leo. My kids are into Imagine Dragons so am familiar with a lot of their music. As you say not much guitar but a great listen! :sunglasses: keep rocking it!

That was a really good production Leo, talent shining through across all instruments!!
I know a couple of Imagine Dragons songs, but this isn’t one of them, so I can say I know 3 now!

Then that, above any of our opinions, makes it a success! :+1:

Hey Leo,
Sorry to hear Vlad is clamping down on your lifestyle at SC!

Great production. Not my kind of music though. But well done. That beginning synth to the right sounds kind of cheap. But high marks on your brass later on for sure. Everything else sounds great. Glad you could post it. Nice production and vox as well.

Keep up the vibe and looking forward to the next instalment!

That was terrific! :clap::clap::clap: You did all the parts by yourself?! Wow! :blush: By the Imagine Dragons I know only Believer, as it seems to be one children’s favourite to rock with and I found out the lyrics are also cool.

Bravo Leo, nicely done! :slight_smile:
Always cool when someone steps far outside their comfort zone. Glad to see you’ve found your way to SC and a way to keep on making music. Take care man!


Wow, a pro quality production there. Great work.

I’ve heard a few Imagine Dragons songs but not this one. They tend to write some pretty good pop hooks I reckon. Quite liked their Radioactive song a few years back.

thanks Brian for the hilarious comment. From now on, I will more carefully define my role as predator/prey. And I would have to reread Machiavelli to raise my level of tactics :smiley:

thank you for kind comment! And we will move on, learning new things and developing as musicians. But, I can say I know only 2 ID songs :crazy_face:
Hi Rogier, thank you! I’ll take your comment into account, and in our next cover there will be a lot of sharp guitar from Mike!
thanks Eddie. Well, sometimes our children know more than we do :smiley:
Thanks for your comment, LB. I am sure that life itself will put everything in its place one day. The universe knows how to get rid of what threatens and harms it.
Btw, about the “synthesizer” on the right. In fact, this is my Gibson LP Standard '05 :blush:
I don’t really like that tone myself - of course, I’m not Mike! Maybe I’ll redo this place…
Hi Silvia,
Yes, it is, it’s all me. But here again about children))) Well, maybe I’m falling into childhood :crazy_face:
hello my friend! thanks for stopping and giving warm comment. This is especially nice to hear from a good musician!
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, Radioactive is the world famous hit from Imagine Dragons


Hey Leo cracking job here! I know a few songs from ID although not my cup of tea. Haven’t heard this one ever before so thanks for showing me something new - it was definitely very interesting and your version was lots of fun to listen to :slight_smile: all the best!

Hi Leo,

Don’t go dissing the synths. :slight_smile:
I thought they sounded great - slightly odd sound which works brilliantly.

I only know the odd song by the band also - Radioactive the obvious one.

I enjoyed this - got quite an 80s vibe.
Thought your production was awesome.


Wow, that is some amazing production work. I don’t know the band, but it is a catchy tune.

@adi_mrok , @Digger72 , @TheCluelessLuthier ,
thanks for good comments!

“Don’t go dissing the synths. :slight_smile:
This is especially useful to hear from the Synth Lord. But my position was that it was necessary to replace at least a small part of the synths with a guitar - after all, we have a guitar forum :grin:

Another great production Leo.

I really enjoyed the song , your singing and playing. As for that poor woman in the photo… :smiley:

Hey!! Im surprised i dont know this song by imagine dragons as they are one of my fav bands, nice!! As always you always have great productions, good job!! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I want to assure you that no woman was injured when recording this cover :smiley:
Thank you Byron!
It’s a new song, released on June 24, 2022

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Late to this retro pop fest, Leo. I say retro even though Google tells me the band was formed in 2009. An enjoyable song in the genre, and fun to listen to such tunes every now and then.

Now when I saw this was about sharks my mind went to this song Split Enz - Shark Attack (Official Video) - YouTube