Improvising over Boss RC-10R loop

The loop has two parts that I switch with a Boss RC-10R foot switch. The drums come from the looper. I’ve also used Boss OC-5 to record a bass line with a guitar.

I’ve made this loop while exploring open tunings (see Justin lesson), Drop D in this case. I hope you like the improvisation and the loop. :slight_smile:

To read more about the Boss RC-10R looper and alternatives, please check the thread Trio+ or Boss RC-10R/RC-500?


Hi Kamil,
Those were serious fine licks, nice playing :sunglasses: :clap:

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That was some very cool improv Kamil. Tone is sounding great on the guitar and the backing was good also.

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Thank you @roger_holland and @SgtColon. :slight_smile:

This looper has been a great practice tool for me. I want to get into songwriting, and having a looper where I can record two parts (e.g. verse and chorus), forces me to create different parts that fit together.

I’ve been also trying to make my improvisations sound less random by adding some “theme” and not being afraid of repeating stuff. I hope this is coming across in the video. :slight_smile:

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Loops sounding great in the back!! Melodic ideas are a blast from beginning to end :metal:

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