Improvising over "Wild Blue"

I did a short spontaneous improvisation with new guitar today. I’m using variations of various licks from Essential Blues Lead Guitar | I guess this is realistic representation of my current improvisation skills. But still, I did trim it to the better part. :smiley:

Since my previous video I’ve been also practicing recording directly to computer to improve quality of my AVOYP but that will come next. :slight_smile:


Some tasty sweet licks and phrasing, loved the tone as well. Definitely cooking on gas there, Kamil.

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Hi Kamil,
Happy NGD :sunglasses:…PRS :smiley:
Nicely played… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
And next time that whole guitar on it please :grin:

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Sounded great.

Curiously though… did you play and record BEFORE you took the labels off your guitar? That’s giving me a nervous tic :joy:


Sounded great to me. With the tags on it looked to me like you just couldn’t wait to play it!!! Happy NGD :smiley:

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Thank you all. Your kind words are again a great source of motivation. :slightly_smiling_face:

About the tags/labels… I still didn’t take them off. :smiley: Yesterday was the first time I played it. I’m amazed by this guitar. I immediately bonded with it and felt it is the right one. The tags/labels and plastic pickguard cover will be gone soon. :metal:

Here’s a picture with full guitar:


That was a tasty bit of playing Kamil. I really enjoyed it.

Happy NGD as well. That is one sexy looking guitar.

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Liking your strat tone and some very nice playing. Tasteful phrasing and vibrato

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Really nice licks and you seemed very comfortable playing :clap::clap:

I was thinking just the same :rofl::rofl: