In DC looking for jammers

Hi, I’m Barbara in NW Washington DC. I’ve been playing guitar on/off for 40+ years, never sticking with it until the last 10 years or so, even then not practicing for years at a time. Justin has been a boon for my playing for many years now. I’m ISO people to play with whose taste in music is similar to mine. I’m still intermediate level and open to playing with beginners seriously practicing or more advanced willing to put up with me. The main thing is loving to play some of the same songs.

I’ve been playing with open tunings lately and have learned a few Joni Mitchell songs. Have played Dylan & Neil Young from the very start. Would love to learn something by Kate Bush or DMB (hard!). Play some Bowie, Queen, Avett Bros, Joan Armatrading, Sam Phillips, Beatles, Elephant Revival, traditional folk/blues, Patti Smith, Cat Stevens, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash…


I hope you find some jamming buddies, Barbara! I’m looking for the same, and we might be a good fit except for the pesky fact that I’m in Oregon.

Hi Barbara and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Keep my fingers crossed you find a few jam buddies, it’s a nice set of artists you share and I would be interested, if I’d be living any close. :slight_smile: Good luck and lots of fun playing!

Hi Barbara, Welcome wishing you all the best with your playing and finding somebody :+1:

Hi Barbara, welcome to the community. Hope you find some jamming buddies.

Great list of artists. Best of luck finding a crew to jam with.

Hi Barbara,
Welcome here and good luck with your search . :sunglasses:
Let us hear from you in AVOYP ?.. maybe it will provide some motivation and show what your capabilities are :smiley:
Greetings and have fun,

Thanks all for the good wishes.