In Ear Stage Monitors

:triumph: ok, I’m in a bit of a grump with the sound guy….

Another open mic last night, went well except that I have been practicing a song to collaborate with another guitarist for the last two week, got it down, learned the lyrics all good.

Come to the sound check, asked for a bit more volume, great all good to go. Then just as we’re getting into it, down goes my volume and I can’t hear what I’m playing. Was ok, just sort of concentrated on the singing but I was pretty miffed.

I did take along my PA speaker which I could use as a monitor, but never got around to it as it’s a small room and it was sort of in the way for everyone else and no one else seems to mind about the monitor.

Better get to the point soon….

Is there an in ear monitor setup whereby I can plug guitar in, send signal along to the mixer - maybe one that clips onto your belt or whatever?

The mixer does have a monitor out, are there wireless ones with little latency?

Or should I persist with setting up the stage monitor?

I did take along my db meter, which was great for setting up the sound for front of house - and is now known as the clapometer :roll_eyes:

The only other thing with the monitor is that it’s a small room and probably doesn’t need any more bass added in.

Behringer do a small belt-clip monitor, the PM1, but it’s not really for plugging a guitar into.

I’m not aware of a system which does this specifically, your best bet might be a small mixers, like a Xenyx or similar, and mount it on a pedalboard or mic stand.

Some guitar/vocal processors have an output that can be used for IEMs. For instance, the Boss Vocal performer series or the TC-Helicon units.



Cheers Keith,

Yeah, I’ve a small mixer I use at home which could be an option.

Was hoping for a pocket sized bit of kit ideally.

I’ll have a look and feedback if successful…