In Praise of the Gospel Slide

When I heard Justin play the gospel slide, it blew me away. I had heard many iterations of those chords over the years, but never really understood what was actually being played or how to play it. And there it was…I started working on a backing track that turned into tune:


Nice composition Ron! The slides are subtle, but they make such a difference - I heard about them in the “Captain’s Privates” lesson series with Justin.

Very nicely done Ron. It reminds me to get a wriggle on with this technique. Going through Justin’s Solo Blues Course and hit a bit of a wall with the 3rd song, aptly called Gospel Blues. Just struggling with the technique on acoustic but know it will come. This will nudge me to revisit. Loved the laid back vibe, great toon !


Awesome recording!

Sweet as a nut

Thanks for listening. It’s appreciated. RG

Toby: Thanks for listening. Definitely more difficult on an acoustic. RG

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Thanks for listening. RG

Thanks for listening…RG

Love the laid back vibe that it has going on. Nicely played Ron.

Thanks for listening. Appreciate it. RG