In search of the Lost Chord

OK here we go then. Let’s get started. I’m Andrew and I’ve been playing guitar on and off for quite a few years. I’d call myself an intermediate rhythm guitarist as what I have mainly done is learn chords and riffs by rote - all muscle memory. No fingerpicking, solos or anything clever. And I have finally come to realise that I don’t really use my ears. I have managed to bash my way through the odd gig as rhythm guitar in a covers band, but It’s time to do this properly, learn proper technique, scales and most importantly, discover that musical ear. If it is even there :open_mouth: This is going to be fun!


Welcome to the community Andrew. I have a plan to work on my ear as well.

Hey Andrew, you have a good foundation. That combined with your awareness and mindfulness will surely set you free. Have fun.

Hi Andrew,
Oooo man, there are very nice things waiting for you, and with the base you have it will go very quickly with this great site that you have found,…I wish you a lot of fun and let’s at least musically hear about your progress,
Greetings ,Rogier

Welcome to the Community, Andrew. Given what you have shared in introducing yourself I am sure the musical ear is there and well respond well to your approach to learning. Look forward to future updates as you log your progress in search of that chord.

Welcome Andrew

Sounds like to have a good base but no doubt you’ll review what you know and no doubt pick up some new skills along the way. Fun with a capital F for sure.

Enjoy the ride.



It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor falls, the major lifts

Be sure to share if you find the secret :wink:

Hello Andrew and welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you stick with Justin’s course you’ll be blasting out solo’s before you know it. :smiley:

Hey - thanks for all your supportive comments. I hope I will be able to reciprocate once I have got going with things.

Have been browsing all the lessons. Wow - there is so much here. I am reckon the place to start for me is to do the intermediate foundation lessons and start the ear training from the beginning. I like the idea of regular practice routine built up from 5+ minute slots on technique, knowledge, transcription and repertoire. Plenty to get stuck in to…

Just listened to your Blowin’ in the Wind. If you can sing like that your must be pretty good! Hopefully I can learn from you…

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Thanks, that’s very kind. I’m an accidental singer, I thought it would be too hard to sing and play so I learned to play and my wife sung. Quite by accident I started singing along in the chorus after she’d sung it maybe 50 or 60 times. That’s when the light went off for me “Hey, this isn’t so hard after all”.

OK so far so good. 56% through intermediate foundation 1. And feeling pretty good about most of that.

Here’s the daily practice routine:
5mins finger gym
5mins major scale
5mins rhythm maestro
10mins play what you hear
10mins song of choice
…and 30 mins transcribing pentatonic beginnings once a week.

Let’s see how this goes.

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Ordered a cheap kitchen timer off Amazon. It really does help to focus your mind . I find it stops me sans
During off and noodling. Have taken a break due to tennis elbow. Will start a separate thread about that.