In The Closet (original)

Loving the retro feel to this one Leo. I thought it was a great production too. A little bit, Alice in wonderland with the lyrics but I thought they were great.

Nice work!

Digging it. Coming from 90s electronic and rock music I quite vibed with it.

As I was @ by @JokuMuu Nicole in this thread it piqued my interest. Nicole’s analysis with electro-vibe I can agree in some parts of the song. The more modern processed vocals could invoke a bit of hyperpop. But hey labels are labels and can only go so far.

I love and aspire to make eclectic music and industrial rock was already an amalgamation of electronic and rock sounds.

Your track covers a lot of that and to my ears is composed and mixed excellently and extravagantly with care for details. Also, good dirt and slop are still there. In short, it still rocks through the shine! :ok_hand:


@Knee_Wobbler, @SgtColon,
Thanks guys for taking the time to listen and write comments. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for this detailed comment.
Actually, I’m not big expert in electronic music, and this track turned out in a sense by accident :slightly_smiling_face:
It is all the more important for me to get the opinion of a person who is well versed in this genre.
Thanks again,

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Creative lyrics, there, Leo. Definite artistic abilities all around. Interesting, dark lyrics. I could imagine a scene in the kitchen and in the closet. Well done.

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Thanks, Pamela, for extraordinary comment!

I really enjoyed the soundscape you created with this one, and I love and respect the experimentation!
Very creative piece of music. It’s not what I would normally listen too, I’m way too old school and limited in my musical tastes :wink: But this track sounded great. Did not grasp the exact meaning of those lyrics, but the overall tone and theme seemed obvious enough…

Take care!

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Thank you, Kasper, for your opinion.
I always read your posts with interest and appreciate it.