In The Room With Joe Satriani and Steve Vai

This is such a good watch


Thank you for sharing. What a great interview! Bob Dylan tape story was hilarious. And the ending was touching; their appreciation for Rick’s interviewing style. It must be so annoying for musicians to answer the same ten questions all the time without any proper conversation.

It doesn’t matter whether you like Rick’s style in other videos or not, but his passion and appreciation for music comes across in every video, especially in these kind of interviews. And they aren’t just interviews, they are a historical documentation of the greats from the last (and this) century.


I really do like Rick, and watch a lot of his videos mostly because he knows his stuff! His style is a bit like Marmite, I like Marmite :laughing:; there’s such a lot of interesting stuff on his channel, one of my favourite interviews was with Mike Dawes, it’s about the only time I’ve seen him flummoxed :laughing:

His interviewing skills come down to him saying very little during an interview and letting the guest(s) do the talking.

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