Hello Justin & Team and community

What do you think about indaband app? where you can collaborate with other musicians all around the world.

I think it could be very interested if it works…

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Welcome Carlos. You can do that right here right now. Our Community members have been making collaboration recordings for as longs as I can remember and I have been here since 2014 ! Check out the sections HERE

You can also introduce yourself HERE



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You don’t need a special app for this. You just need a DAW and Dropbox or Google Drive.

I had a quick look at the app on Google play. It’s only a few months old, has no ratings and hardly any downloads.

I would say it’s one to avoid.



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Hi Keith,

Thanks for replying. Well You’re probably right, I just installed a few days ago, just a curiosity, but I don’t have a deep opinion about or upload any on that, well probably like many other things in IT try to find huge incomes thanks to user.

Useful to improve playing and interacting with people who likes music? Again, I don’t really know.

Have a very nice day,


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Hi Toby,

Thank you so much for your answer. Well, I see this options on Justin platform which is great!!!

I love singing and playing guitar, although don’t know anybody close to my location with same music interest.

Great these options here. Have a very nice day.

See you,


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