Index finger and ring finger tend to creep to each other

Hello, maybe some of you will recognize this:
My ring finger and index finger creep towards each other especially on the 5th and 6th (bass) strings. Eg on “wind cries mary” by Jimi Hendrix the hammerons with the ring finger on the 5th string, 8-10 fret (and 9-11 and 10-12) and keeping the index finger fretting the 4/5/6 th string the index finger and ring finger creep together, preventing the index finger from fretting properly.

Generally experience this on the 5th and 6th strings. Do you recognize this and how can I improve it?

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I have more tendency of fingers 1 and 4 bending inward toward each other, especially if I need to curl up a little more to hit the smaller strings.

Some basic finger independence exercises will help.


Thank you Sequences, I will look at the videos. Is this common/normal for every guitarist ?

I think it not uncommon. Many of us here are coming to guitar without having used our hands in a way necessary for playing the guitar. It makes sense that we need to work to get our body to adjust to doing so.

Just go slow. Trying to hurry the body’s process to adapt can create injury.

Getting fingers to move independently is Hard!!!
Ive been working on this recently. A great everyday practice item. Don’t even need guitar.

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