Insecure about my guitars


I own two electric guitars: a Squier telecaster and a Danelectro 59xt, with a humbucker and a p90 pickup. I’m experiencing quite some insecurity about the love for my two guitars. On one day my Danelectro sounds too jangling and I love/prefer the sounds of my telecaster. On the other day it’s the other way around and I’m leaning towards the sounds of my Danelectro.

It makes me insecure and it’s hard to appreciate both guitars for what they’re good at.

Does anybody experience the same? And how do you deal with it?

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No, I own a Les Paul

Buy a Les Paul

  • this is a joke, welcome to JG community!

Dont be insecure with your guitars its ok to have multiple and at times you’ll prefer the sound of one over the other


As Rob said, no need to be insecure. It’s nothing unusual. Preferring the sound of different guitars on different days is little different than preferring different amp tones. It just depends on how you feel, what you want to hear, and what it is you’re playing. For me that changes hour to hour, never mind day to day.


One reason why I like modeling amps /software as a learner, couple taps and I sound like what I need for the next song


I have 7 guitars and have a love/hate relationship with 4 of them. Some days they sound and feel amazing, and the other days can drive me nuts.

Basically it’s a simple case of horses for courses, you buy a particular guitar for a particular family of sounds.
A Telecaster is perhaps one of the most versatile instruments, you can play anything from Jazz to Metal using one; the Danelectro is more known to have lipstick pickups and be used for Surf and indie styles; however yours has a different setup, a P90 and a twin lipstick humbucker with coil split. Basically the P90 is a hot single coil, the humbucker is quite flexible with coil split this configuration is very flexible and like your Telecaster have very versatile tone options.
So you have two very versatile guitars the will sound different but both be very flexible in terms of what they can be used for, the only other thing is are they both comfortable to play and do you like what they both look like?
In terms of capabilities you have no reason to feel insecure the only reason you could feel insecure is the reason for my question. Only you can decide that!