Inspiration on Electric Guitar - Introduction Czech Hip-Hop/Rap Music


I just wanted to share with you some czech music… I really love background music on electric guitar… I found its just about 2 chords. Maybe it will be inspiration for someone? Can you share some music from your country that is not that famous in world? :slight_smile:
I actually listened to this today maybe 20 times… Heh


Hi Michal,
So I see again how little I know about music styles, I would never have classed that under Rap… nice song…

For lovers of sensitive lyrics, this gem from the show “Hete Vrede” something like Hot Peace… I was once among the first 250 (?) people to hear this song the first time ever played, in the Netherlands almost everyone knows this, especially if you occasionally comes to a funeral… :grimacing:

It’s about being able to hide with someone… when you are “different” or when there is a war or whatever. :sunflower:


Hello Roger. :slight_smile:
It sounds interesting… I think it will find some nice spot in my music library, I got music for every feeling. I really like and dislike that songs like this you arent able to ever find because its connected to the country and for example me would never have clue this exist. I think its same for you with song I shared.
I checked what kind of music it is and its actually hip hop/rap, because hip hop is matched mixed music with rap together, but in my opinion both names are correct. :slight_smile:

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