Installing the app on a Volla phone

Hello, i have a problem with the app on my phone.

I’m currently using a Volla phone (Volla Home) basically, a degoogled android phone.

I’ve downloaded and installed the app via the store. So far so good. But when starting the app, i get a voice message saying “call ended” along with a beep, and the app is stuck on the starting screen. (a blue foto of justin). Nothing else happens.
Only thing to do is to close the app.
I’ve tried rebooting the phone when the app is installed, i tried uninstalling and installing again, all to no avail.

Any help would be aprreciated.

Thank you.


Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear that you are having issues getting onto the app!

The reason why you are struggling is that the servers for the app are run through Google as are the payments.

We have looked on the available devices list and Volla devices do not appear as compatible to run the app.

We’re sorry that we can’t be of more assistance in this matter.

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Thank you for your swift reply. This has been most helpfull.

I’m sorry to read that Google has a part in the proceedings.

This topic can be closed.