Instrument AUCTION Sat. Nov. 19, 2022


I turn 78 in a few days, so I am finally giving up trying to master a musical instrument. I will be auctioning off my entire collection on Sat. Nov. 19, 2022.

You can see some of the instruments, in my Google Photo Album, at:
A few of my AUCTION Instruments

Able Auctions Preview page is being updated daily with my 400+ items, at:
Musical Instrument AUCTION

This will be an ONLINE-ONLY, NO-RESERVE auction, in $CDN, so you can snag some bargains.

As for shipping, PAKMAIL (in Surrey, BC) will pick up, pack securely and mail or ship by whichever method you requests. They are specialists in handling fragile goods and do a lot of pickups for Able Auctions.

Remember that Auction Date: Sat. Nov. 19, 2022. You must Register in advance to Bid.

Doogles, I see you joined the Community 28 minutes ago and this your first post. I take it you won’t be hanging around. I am not sure if the post breaches any forum guidelines but would ask our mods, @Richard_close2u @LievenDV @DavidP to review the suitability of this post.

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This topic was se unlisted because it looked more like a stop-and-go posting from somebody with zero real affiliation. The fact that you took the time to react was enough for me to re-activate this topic.

It IS a pity though you didn’t tell us a little bit about yourself, your link with Justin Guitar and what’s going on. We just saw a very unpersonal story being an unperosnal ad leading to an unpersonal page with auction info and 5 million CTA’s for users to sign up.

so @Doogles by all means, tell us a little more in this thread as I give this topic a second chance to get its marketing fixed :wink:


Thanks for posting my Musical Instrument Auction Notice. As I said in that post, I am selling all the instruments I have collected (some say hoarded) over three decades. I got my first guitar at age 10, as a Christmas present, and spent years trying to play it - on and off. Never succeeded. Never practiced beyond the really sore-fingers stage. So, I tried another instrument, then another and another. Never stuck with any of them long enough to get good. So, if I learned anything at all it is that practice, practice, practice is the only road to mastering any instrument.

Justin was the first inspiring and credible guitar teacher I found on YouTube, when he started his channel. What I learned from him most was music theory … and that led me to discover something I could finally do musically … write songs. In fact, one of the first songs I wrote (The Flu Song) sprung from his lesson on the Circle of Fifths - a brand-new concept to me at the time.

I still write songs (by the hundreds) but hire others to make demos for me because of my lack of playing skills. You can listen to a few of them by clicking this link to my SoundCloud account.

Now, at 78 years of age, I am auctioning my collection (except for my first Guitar - a 1970 Martin), which is the one on which I pick out my song melodies one note at a time.

If you"re a “GearHead” like me you might enjoy looking at my collection, as it is being posted.

Thanks for reading this long-winded story about my musical journey. Hope you enjoy my songs.


it IS an impressive collection!
I’ve seen instruments I haven’t even heard of! :astonished:

Is that Canadian dollars?
Is it only pickup?

For those interested, please keep in mind that:
"17% Buyers Premium plus GST 5% and PST 7% is charged on top of your bid price
Payment is online only."

Thanks for the back story Doug, put the initially post nicely into perspective, Good luck with the auction.


As for taxes, most countries have a system to reclaim taxes paid in another country, depending on the Tax treaty arrangement between each country.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Whoever missed my auction missed some incredible bargains. All 424 instruments and gear sold for pennies on the dollar. Great bargains for musicians, financial disaster for me. I’m back to writing songs with just a keyboard and the first Martin Guitar I ever bought – just enough to continue picking out melodies one note at a time.

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