Instrumental cover of Billie Jean - Michael Jackson


I made a multi instrumental cover of “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson.
I used bass, rhythmic, lead guitar and percussion.
In the future I am going to perform this cover with a looper.


Really well put together Michal, loved it. Certainly looks like it would lend itself to looping certain aspects, looking forward to that but great work mate, :ok_hand:

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That was terrific Michal. Super play on all instruments and excellent production too.

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Cool project :slightly_smiling_face: Really talented :blush: Keep it up

Well, that’s all pleasing to the eyes and ears! Great production!!!

Enjoyed your rendition, Michal

Hey MIchal!

This is great!!

It’s a perfect tune for looping. Would love to see updates on your progress putting it all into a looper and how you’d go about layering each of the instruments!!

This type of thing is a great way to keep musciality in your “practice” and to develop the skills you need to eventually “gig it” on a looper!!

Super impressive! Looking forward to more!!

Hey Michal, that was super cool and a great watch! Look forward to more! :metal:


Nice! No small task bringing all the elements together in a cohesive way. Well played!

Michael, that’s a great song choice and you played it well. A very enjoyable listen and watch.
Did you record it wet or did you do post editing?

Hello, great song by a great musician, I really like Michael’s work, everything doesn’t sound bad and it’s clear that a lot of work was done with the video, it looks interesting.
I would venture to advise that maybe you shouldn’t put so much effort into the video for now, and maybe spend more time practicing with the guitar, I’m sure that this will bring only positive emotions in the future.


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Love it! Very well done, and gorgeous guitars btw!

I added “looping record” as I promised.

I didn’t use the bass and the drums were built directly from the loop station. You can feel that the recording lacks a wider range of frequencies. Sometimes I improvised in solo a little bit and lost.

I have to admit that making a live song in a loop is very difficult.
You are not able to correct the mistakes you have made :slight_smile:

It was a lesson for me to use the looper station.

I played each instrument separately and added some effect to it.
Each instrument was mixed into one song. Then I played the recording and recorded a video. Here you can see the little mistakes in the synchronization of the instrument and the video. As an added challenge I tried to record it live via a looper station. Below you can see the result, which is not as good as the video where I used postprocessing. The errors can’t be fixed on live playing.

I need more training of course :slight_smile:

Thank you all for feedback and support.