Interesting Twitch streams

I thought this could be a good idea for anyone interested in Twitch music streams. There are very interesting musicians there, some performing on daily basis. Here comes the first one I like :slight_smile:.

Yeju is a Korean-American singer-songwriter based in South Korea. Initially a classical musician, she began writing her own songs in late 2018.

Another streamer, probably know to some, Herman Li :slight_smile:, Guitarist of Grammy nominated metal act DragonForce. Musician, lifetime gamer, computer nerd and fast cars enthusiast.

Kayleekim_ is Korean musician playing and singing regularly on Twitch. Great atmosphere, she sing songs on request :slight_smile: .

Tom Anello, he play’s acoustic guitar instrumentals. Relax for a while and zone out to some steel string goodness.

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Thanks for sharing! I discovered twitch for music streaming late last year and find its amazing to get a live type atmosphere and performance especially given current times.

Here are some amazing musicians I regularly watch on twitch. I was going to post one at a time like above but couldn’t decide… Hope that’s ok to share. I’ve learnt loads especially loop based music-wise from watching their streams as well enjoyed good music and community.

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Thanks for sharing Al. I agree there is plenty of inspiration out there. I have not visited the artists you shared, have to check them out :slight_smile:. Good idea with collecting links under one post, I just organised mine.

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