Intermediate Grade Four - Updates?

Hi All. Having tackled and completed the Beginners Course (multiple times), I moved on to Intermediate but am kinda stuck since Grade 4 updates were never (apparently) completed in 2021. I’m going through the very old Int. Foundations 1 and 2 but they are sort of out of sync with the rest of the program.

Anyone else know the plans for when Justin is going to finish this amazing course?

Much thanks,

Hi Jay. Hopefully you will have seen the notifications that Justin has just today released a whole new set of lessons for Grade 3. He saw a major need to revamp and streamline it with the whole package of grades, especially grades 1 and 2.
Much of the Intermediate grades do contain new lessons although as you have noticed some are legacy lessons from previous incarnations. Not that their content is not superb. But in time I am sure Justin will deliver on his aim to update and improve and streamline all grades. I can’t give a time line though/
Cheers. Richard.
close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Community Moderator

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Thanks Richard. Much appreciate the update. I’ve been a supporter and fan for many years and know JS is a busy man. Just would love the update of the Intermediate Course when he gets the time.