Intervals On The Guitar Neck

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this lesson talks about “you learn all the intervals in all 5 of the CAGED Major Scale shapes”. Are the CAGED scale shapes taught eventually in a future lesson? I’m currently on lesson 10 in the beginner 2 course.

@JakAngelescu Yes, starting in Major Scale Maestro 1 Major Scale Maestro 1 |

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Any specific reason that it goes 5 → #5 instead of 5 → b6 (like 2 for example)?

There’s also b6 in the diagram on the 4th string.

Yes, that’s the part I couldn’t figure out.
2 → b3
b3 → 3
5 → #5
b6 → 6

So I was wondering if this was just a consistency error or not.

#5 and b6 are enharmonic equivalents and the naming depends on the context.

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I’ve watched Justin’s video on Major Scale Position 1. I understand that the black notes are the diatonic intervals, but am puzzled by the red notes. What are they? I’m confused by what b2, b3, b3, b5, #5, b6 and b7 are and what their significance is. Can someone please explain what they mean so I can understand them?

The red notes are simply the ones that are not in the diatonic scale. The “b” means flat and means the note is shifted down 1 fret (or one-half tone). For example, you can see the position of “b5” is one fret lower than “5”. The “#” means sharp or 1 fret higher than the named note. The #5 is one fret higher than the 5.

Thank you so much! I hadn’t thought of that, with the sharp and flat notes. It makes perfect sense now.

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Could anyone help me understand how to interpret this chart? Which is the 1st fret on the chart?

The letters and numbers in black are the intrtvals of the Major scale, with its Root, the R, on 6th string.

The shape is moveable which is why no fret numbers are given.

If you start with the R, root, on the 3rd fret 6th string it would be the G major scale. Move the whole shape up 2 frets and start at the 5th fret its A Major. Start at 7th its B Major, 8th fret C Major.

The red numbers are the accidental intervals ie the intervals are not part of the scale but sit in the frets in between.

In diagrams like this the guitar nut, would be shown as a double or thicker line.That would mean the 1st fet would at the top of the page. As all the lines are the same thickness, this type of diagram shows a moveable scale shape, as described above.

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Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.
This diagram is a gift.


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