Into the great wide open - Tom Petty

Hi all,

during last open mic (OM22) this was my first and debut song and i was so nervous i forgot the text, kept on my glasses (so i could not read the text which i had lying in printed front of me) and was stumbling through this song but made it to the end :slight_smile: . So i promised to myself to post my progress here in AYOP. While watching my new recording i already figured out so many areas of improvment in my play and singing that i was in doubt to upload it at all. But as i have commited it at least to myself i thought i show where i am at the moment with this song.

Also as mentioned by @roger_holland in his last AYOP post i find it a good idea to upload “work-in-progress” (obviously as you can see from the video) and unpolished versions. It pushes first of all to make progress and secondly watching others videos i find it great to see how others tackle the learning of a song, what is easy for them and what is harder. So here we go:

Mostly i struggle with those sections where the rhythm breaks - i manage now to hit the timing sometimes but also miss it sometimes. When starting to practive the song i noticed a had “extra / ghost” strokes in the 8th downstrum rythm which got my out of sync and still happen every now and then but not so often after severals playalongs with a quite good guitar pro file. As i am still focused so much on rythm, signing and getting the parts in the right order the intonation of strumming is a big area of improvement still.

Into the great wide open - Tom Petty

Please excuse the video quality and the not ideal sound - it is a “hotel room session” recording using the phone - being away from home for next weeks there is no chance to use my home equpiment :(. You may notice the honking of Bangladeshis cars (they do it everywhere, any time whether other cars are close or not - pressing the horn belongs to driving like pressing clutch or break.) and the not so quite air condition in the background although i tried to supress it somehow…

Keep rocking,


NIce work Andreas. Pretty well-timed strumming and finger play. I’m a few steps behind you, just beginning to sing and play together, and it’s HARD! Watching you keeps me brave as I work toward posting an AVOYP some day.

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Hi @MichaelPFeeney,
i can really encourage you - it is a great place to get good feedback but also encouragement on your way. There is no “too early” to post - even if you only have an instrumental part - just go for it :slight_smile:

In regards to “singing and strumming” there is a lesson on that - especially the hint that there is easier and harder songs to start with was very helpful for me. The ones where you have to sing over chord changes or you have to start signing before of aftert the beat are really harder to begin with. Personally i prefer to start signing over the song as soon as i can manage the chord progression to a certain extent and do not wait until i manage the song playing to perfection (which i have never achieved anyway :slight_smile: ).

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You’ll get better feedback if you frame your camera to show your guitar and both hands Andreas. For example in this performance I felt your strumming timing was a bit off here and there. Are you keeping your strumming hand moving constantly even in the parts where you don’t hit the strings? Also the strumming action looks a bit exaggerated as your hand is moving above the level of your guitar.
Are you left handed? Your OM video showed you playing both right handed and leftie. :grinning:

Good stuff, that was a confident performance and I enjoyed your debut on the OM last Saturday too.
Looking forward to more from you.

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Thanks - you are right of course - the camera angel is not showing strumming hand (which I just realise now :frowning: ) .
I will have to pay attention to the movement - I am not sure myself about that now you say it. At the critical points I am not sure it goes in - during the “usual” on beat strums it is ok I think.

And reg the exaggerated action - I think you are right, that is prob why it is coming out too loud - will test myself :slight_smile: )
That is what I meant with great feedback - thanks @sairfingers !

I think you have reached a pretty good level with the song. Personally, I do like to see the guitar and both hands in the AVOYP’s However, I still enjoyed it Andreas. You’re coming along nicely.

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Thanks for you feedback. Yes you are right i noticed only later that the strumming is not visible - stupid mistake. I will repost / replace it with a better version :=) .

Hi Andreas

My suggestion on the guitar playing would be to work the “rhythmic break” progressions independant of the rest of the song and then come back and integrate them into the overall flow of the song.

Those rhythmic breaks really “make” the song. Try to isolate those and just go into “rinse and repeat” mode. Once you are happy that you have the timing of the changes down for each of the “breaks” then try putting them back into the progression.

Also, as mentioned above having a better view of the guitar will help us on the feeback front but its sounding better and better!!! Keep at it!!

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Thanks @jgottwals - good point will get back to Guitar pro and loop it until I get there

Hi Andreas,
You have already received the tips and there is not much left than to say that this was already a very good song :sunglasses: :clap: and if you fine-tune this a bit, you have more than a campfire song … I say a stage number on an average-sized square that people will clap loudly for :sunglasses:
Greetings and proud that you pick up something from me :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @roger_holland. It is always interesting and helpful to read your comments here - i do follow :slight_smile:

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Nicely done Andreas. I enjoyed your cover of the song.

Some great advice from people above but remember to keep that wrist loose as well, it will help cut down on the big arm movement whilst strumming.

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Thanks @SgtColon - i keep working on this - will become part of my “Strumming 1o1” excercise

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