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Hello all, not new here but new Here. I joined Justinguitar back in 2012 I think it was. I wasn’t very active on the old forum but paid attention over the years. I’ve been a career beginner guitarist for over 40 years off and on now. After emerging from the horrid lockdown situation I’ve renewed my interest in a lifelong desire to play guitar. It’s going well this time and hopefully will stick. I’m certainly not getting any younger and want to become a proficient intermediate at least by age 60. Four years left to make that achievement. I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina near Asheville. I bid you all best wishes as we journey together here in our guitar experience. Thank you Justin and team for such a wonderful resource and community.



Hi Kevin good to see you coming out of the shadows ! Lots of familiar faces no doubt and plenty of new ones already. So it would appear to be business as usual. Your story is similar to my own, as I kicked started at 55 after early retirement and around 18 months later trolled up here, thinking I needed all this back in 96 ! Anyways, a warm welcome.



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Good to meet you here, Kevin. Keep at it slow and steady and I am sure you can achieve your goal.

Setting small goals along the way and making recordings to share in AVOYP has really helped me to keep moving forward, becoming a better player and musician.

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Thanks @DavidP I’ll keep that advice and look into recording soon(ish). I’m pondering about maybe trying to perform at the next OM. We’ll see.

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