Introducing "Anatropes" + Time Is Running Out Cover

Hello everyone!

My best friend and I started an alternative rock duo
in Greece and are planning to play on the streets and small live stages.

Here’s one of the first songs we covered, “Time is running out” by Muse.

Feedback on the song and tips for playing live or promoting our band are more than welcome!

You can also find us on Instagram on @anatropes_band

PS: Any drummers or bassists located in Thessaloniki, Greece are invited to reach out!


Well done ladies, you definitely have a Muse vibe going there, really enjoyed it! My suggestion for hitting the streets would be to play it to a backing track, either a karaoke version with stripped out vocal and guitar sections or literally just a drums beat that would be with bpm of the song. That would first help keep the rhythm throughout in pace and second make it more interesting :slight_smile: good luck in your ventures out there hope you will have fun!


Really well done to you both! I really can’t offer any advice but I wish you both a lot of success with your band! Keep rockin it! :sunglasses:

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That was really good both of you. Very Musey. Some great advice there from Adi. Good luck with your musical future.

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One of my favourite bands and you ladies have absolutely smashed that! Bravo :+1:

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I thought that was pretty good.

I figured your post has been up for a few days and other than Adi’s comment not a lot of tips on playing live.

I should say that other than for the JG community open mics and family, I haven’t played guitar live. However I did play drums live quite a bit as a teenager and I do a fair amount of public speaking. So take from what you will from what I say, ignore what you want, etc…

Performing live is a separate skill to an instrument and the more you do it the better you get at it. It gets easier but is usually never simple. You’ll probably feel a rush each time, embrace it. I think the only way to get better at it is to do it.

Choosing songs that sound good for the group you have is important. Some rock songs really need a drummer and bassist. In time is running out, the solo sounded really thin without a drummer or drum track. Other songs sound really good with just a guitar and singer (e.g. polly from Nirvana off the top of my head, super easy song). So think about what songs you choose with what you have in the band. Or change them a bit.

When playing live just keep playing through mistakes, keep going and most people won’t notice.

I’d only be guessing at the promotion aspect of it as I never did that myself. Busking seems to be a pretty good way to get noticed, eventually. Ed Sheeran, John Butler, Tones and I (a couple of aussies there) busked for years before making it. If that’s your goal.

I’m not sure how old you are exactly, but you look pretty young. So you’ve got that on your side. I think people are a lot more tolerant of mistakes etc when you’re young. If a 40 year old guy like me went out and busked I reckon people would expect I’d been playing for 25 years (I’ve been playing guitar about the same amount of time as you).


Thank you very much for the input, really appreciate and will definitely keep all these in mind!

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Great stuff and good on you for getting out there! Not that I have any experience but JK’s comments seem totally on point to me. Best of luck and have a blast!! :fire: :metal: :sunglasses:

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