Introducing yourself to community

How do you introduce yourself to the community please

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Hiya Martin, welcome!! I think you just have :wink::grin::facepunch:.

Just add whatever else you feel like sharing onto this thread about yourself and your guitar journey. Hope you are enjoying playing :guitar:

Hi Martin @mjord59! You can introduce yourself over on the “Introduce Yourself” page. Looking forward to learning a bit about you!

Welcome aboard! I think a good place to start is with at least one picture from your last fishing trip:

EDIT: I kid, I kid. As the song says, come as you are. LOL


My last fishing trip was about 65 years ago.


Welcome to the forum Martin

Just use the Category link that @judi provided. Have a look at some others to see what it is all about and then just say what comes to mind or whatever you want to share.
Common starter, who you are, how long you’ve been playing, what brought you here and most importantly what gear you’ve got :wink:

Welcome onboard.


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Must have been plenty of fishing and no catching. :slight_smile: