Introduction - Dave from Australia

Hi All,

Just a quick introduction post as per recommendation. Still waiting on my guitar to arrive :smile:

I’m getting the Yamaha FS800 GigMaker pack. I also asked for them to do the setup before sending and change the strings to Martin MM12 Retro lights because I listened to an acoustic string comparison on YouTube and thought those sounded so clear and yet mellow (I hope they sound great on my FS800 too).

What else? Oh yeah, I ordered a guitar conditioner pack, a Hercules GS412B Plus stand, and the Shubb S1 capo. The GigMaker pack comes with a tuner so didn’t need one of those and figured I can use a metronome app on my phone instead of buying a dedicated one.

Best of all, the day I ordered they had a flash sale! $50 off anything over $300. Woohoo, called them back once I got that email and said I’d like them to update my invoice to reflect the discount and no questions asked, they did. Nice little surprise saving that basically translates to a free stand.

I’m told it will take about a week to arrive so now the waiting begins… I can’t wait!! should have paid for express postage. oh well, it’s a journey not a race right.

@LievenDV I notice the message on the right of a new message that mentions the community guidelines still doesn’t have the link updated (dead link). It is currently pointing to:

I clicked it to get the badge for “Read Guidelines” but am unable to thanks for the broken link. Could we get a correct link for those … 1. so I know what they are and 2. so I can get the badge … although you might need to respond with the direct link here if that’s ok as the message only pops up for your first two posts and then doesn’t show again apparently. Thanks :smile:

Keep on strumming!

Dave :guitar: ← wish that was an acoustic 6-string emoji instead


Hi Dave,
Welcome and have fun :sunglasses:


Hello David and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Oh a whole week, that sounds like a very long wait to me :smiley: Enjoy your new gear when it turns up and enjoy your guitar adventure.


Hey Dave, welcome to the community, we were in Darwin in May last year and had some great music evenings there.

There are a few aussies lurking around here.

|{=O= ||||||||||||:::}


@roger_holland Thanks :slight_smile: I certainly plan to (have fun that is) :smiley:

@SgtColon Yeah, I’m anticipating a slow week (time always seems to go that way when you’re excited about something upcoming). When it arrives I think it’ll be like the summer of '69 :guitar:

@tony Thanks mate! Good to know we’re represented well in the forums :heart: :australia: :heart:


Hi Dave
Nice to meet you! and welcome (from Australia too) :smiley:
Did you order your gear from Manny’s? I’ve found them to be great like that too!
Enjoy your new gear when it arrives, hope you don’t have to wait too long!


Welcome to the community Dave, from another Aussie. Nothin worse than waiting on a guitar :crazy_face:.
Join in the fun mate. All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Welcome! Enjoy the new guitar!



Yeah I did get it from Manny’s actually ($50 off for the next few days if you spend over $300 by the way) (no I don’t work there) (no I was not paid to say that :laughing: )

I purchased my piano from them and a heap of other things too over the years. I pretty much only use them or their other store (storeDJ) depending on what I’m getting as their service is top notch and they ship for free (and when you’re in Darwin, shipping adds up quickly, so free is good!). Well that and their prices are excellent and they price match too if they don’t happen to be the cheapest. (I better stop typing as it really sounds like a advert I know, it isn’t, I just really like that store group).

Anyway, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:



@sclay Thanks, seems there is a few of us :australia: 's here. Good to know! and yes, it’s eating at me knowing it’s coming but isn’t here… I’m still watching some lessons just to get an idea for what’s coming and that Nitsuj series it awesome too! @JustinGuitar nice work on that!

I’ll no doubt be back in the forums once it arrives with feedback on how things are going, and to see how everyone else in my level is fairing. Being in the 50 age group area I’m guessing things will be a little slower, but that’s OK :tada:

@SocratesDiedTrolling Thanks mate. I hope too :grin:


Side note: It’s nice to see a friendly and active community. Seems to be not so common on the internet. Glad this one is an exception to the rule. :100:


:laughing: :laughing:
totally agree! I’ve got a lot of my gear from them over the years, for all the reasons you mentioned, and there’s no local music store where I am. They also have an awesome range of stuff (I don’t work there either… or own shares… or get paid for saying that in any way… :grin:)

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Hi Dave,
Welcome to the community and enjoy your multiple NGD when it arrives.
Not sure on conditions in Australia as I live the other side of the world :rofl: but do you need to wait 24hours once its arrived to acclimatise ?

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Hi from Perth @Koroze welcome, it’s a good community and a great place to learn :+1::+1:

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@amandaw57 I didn’t know about the 24 hour :timer_clock: wait? is that really a thing? I might give it some time out of the box to adjust to the humidity a little but if the guitar is anything like me then it probably won’t matter :grin: Moved to Darwin over 30 years ago and still haven’t acclimatised! :sweat: Darwin is hot and humid. My guitar and I will suffer together.

Any insights appreciated! It might be tough, but if that’s really a thing for humid areas then I suppose I’ll have to wait the extra day :disappointed_relieved:

Side note: I’ll post a pic once it arrives! Watch this space :star_struck:

@CD02 Thanks for the welcome!! :wave: I’m still amazed at how many Aussies are here. (no idea why, it’s an online world afterall, but still I wasn’t expecting this many)

Loving those emojis!! need to calm down with the emoji action I think :rofl: …oops


Believe it is this might help
Look forward to photos and updates.


Hello David… Welcome to the community :smiley:


Welcome, Dave!!!
Have fun.


Welcome to the Community Dave :blush:


Hey hey, welcome to the community! New guitar stuff sounds so exciting. :grinning:


@amandaw57 Thanks for the link, that was very interesting (and a good thing to know!) :slight_smile:
@Dave999 @ReneAsologuitar @SILVIA @AshenRose Thank you, very happy to be here.
I’m still amazed at how welcoming this community is. I actually joined for a couple of other reasons.

  1. The obvious, to chat with fellow learners, but really for…
  2. Accountability. By others knowing I’m trying to learn I hold myself more accountable to daily practice (at least, that’s the idea)

Point being, I wasn’t expecting that much in return but already I’m proven wrong on that point and am very grateful for that. :people_hugging:

Keep on playing :guitar: