Introduction from Newbie

Newbie here. Just got my first guitar (wedding anniversary gift from wonderful husband). He is called Joe, guitar not husband, a 1995 Epiphone Gibson Les Paul model, wonderful hubby is called Andy.

Looking forward to many happy years together with guitar and husband x

Kathy x


Welcome to the community. Love it when people name their guitars and can’t for the life of me understand when they dont.

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Ullo Mrs T :yum:

It’s Mr T :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum - of course I could have just turned to my left and said that, but I thought I’d do it here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Community, Kathryn, now we can take two truly, two Thornes.

Wish you loads of fun playing with Joe and learning with Andy

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Could admin please move my intro to the intro section please x

Many thanks


Hello Kathy,
Welcome here and i wish you loads of fun :grin: :sunglasses:
And how handy that you can now communicate with each other via the forum as an alternative source :joy:… please keep it tidy … :smiling_face: :wink:
Greetings ,Rogier


And I don’t understand the point of naming a guitar.

But I suspect that mine have names for me. :smile:

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That could be a complicated threesome but I suspect you’ll cope. If not shout for help.

Welcome Kathy nice to meet you.


Welcome Kathy, Joe and Andy :grin:

It’s a ‘yes’ from me on that one.

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I also like the idea of ​​putting your priorities in the right order :sunglasses: :smile:

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Hello and welcome to the community Kathy. :slight_smile:

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Hi KathyTake2
Welcome to the community. Do you have a photo of your guitar?

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