Introduction & learning log of an enthusiast from Slovenia

Hello everybody. I am around the Community for some time now but now I figured I should also do an introduction post as it is a habit here.

Since I was a little kid, I had a wish I would know how to play guitar, but somehow, I never came to it. I also don’t remember why, because as much as I loved music, I didn’t know the first thing about instruments. For a sad example, I only learned the difference between classic and acoustic guitar when I started my journey about good year ago, but I know all the rock stars since forever and quite a lot of lyrics by heart.

My kid wanted to play a guitar; he saw a guitar player in some cartoon and I guess he found it pretty cool and of course he got immediately support from us and now he is learning with private tutor and he is doing all right. I went to accompany him at the first few sessions and I guess this was the trigger for me too… First, I started with his lesion book, then I started with random YouTube videos and after six months of good progress I found out Justin Guitar videos and app.

Since then, I could already play and change open cords with relatively good speed without any issues, I also knew the Old Faithful strumming pattern (although the name of it I learned from JG). I even managed to play with some YouTube backing tracks… but JG app was a life changer for me. Suddenly I could play easy variation of many songs I listen daily. I also used lesions videos inside an app and I quickly finished Grade 1, and a bit later also Grade 2.

So having a regular job, being a family man with kids and also a house owner, with some other hobby’s as well (including JG’s obligatory martial arts :blush:), I don’t get to do as much practice time as I would like to. I guess I get to do 6-10hrs of total guitar time per week. Usually, I play on an acoustic during the workweek, and electric during weekends. I use practice routines on the JG webpage and for songs I sometimes use JG app, and sometimes also Ultimate Guitar Tabs webpage. They have tabs/chords for the songs in my language which I really like. They are also great for “campfire” songs all thought I only performed twice and only to my extended family. And sometimes I just jam random stuff accompanied by an online drum metronome from musicca webpage. I use this metronome a lot for practice routines as well.

I am currently somewhere in the middle of Grade 3, but also doing Strumming Dynamics course and Fingerstyle course in between. I sometimes join JG Clubs if I manage and if the topic is on my-level and interest to me.

For now, I manage to seamlessly shift open cords, also full F chord shape F-G-A, to about 130bmp. I am getting quite good with Bm, until apx. 100bmp. The B7 is not there yet, and I still suck at power chords. My main break through was that I started to recognize the strumming pattern in songs, so if I know chords, I am able to somehow follow along with the easy songs using different strumming patterns for different parts in the song. I also try to play and sing and I guess it works, but there is definitely room for improvement. I don’t think I actually sing, I would say talk with the singing voice, if that makes sense.

I enjoy most at fingerpicking and I am also playing most times without a pick. So important part of my practice is doing chord changes but picking individual string in different patterns (is this called arpeggios?). I can do this quite well for my known chords until 110-120bmp (depend on the pattern). There was a Club recently on triads and I also had triads in some lesion in Grade 3, so I am now doing the same with triads as well. Actually, today is a live Club on Fingerpicking with Mr. Richard Coles which I plan to attend. I really like his method of presentation and all the material that is there before and after the class.

My medium-term game plan is to finish the Strumming Dynamics and upgrade to Finger Strumming course and also to finish the Fingerstyle course. I also have some stuff to improve from previous lesions (power chords, palm muting, some SUS and slash chords to improve, …), before moving on with Grade 3 lesions. But mostly to just have fun playing good enough. I also plan to visit a private tutor to show him where I am at with playing and singing to get a little live feedback from a professional.

A little longer introduction as I initially wanted, but thanks to everyone who reads it and also big thanks to all that help answering my questions on this community pages. Cheers & keep on rockin’


Hello BK & Welcome to the Community!
Nice intro… sounds like you have a good plan for learning & are keeping a “balance” with your other hobbies & responsibilities!!! This is good!!! I’m looking forward to hearing you & of course seeing pics of your guitars (pics are ALWAYS welcome!!!) :grinning:
Good Luck in your Journey & have lots of fun!!!


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For how long have you been playing / learning?

I started in December 2022, but for real I would say january 2023. So a little less then year and half.

Haha I too started playing after getting my kid a guitar. You know I bet there are a lot of us guitar poachers parents out there.


I am in 2nd grade consolidation, moving on soon. Welcome and Glad you posted.

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Great story and a hearty welcome to the community


Hello BK, welcome to the community forum. You are doing very well if you average 6 to 10 hours of practice each week. I am able to get 4 to 5 hours practice per week. You seem to have a good practice plan. Have fun learning to play songs.

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Hi BK,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Welcome BK, you seem to have a plan! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Wish you a lot of satisfying guitar time!

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I started Nov 2023 - tbh I was a bit intimidated by your progress. At the time I struggle to connect chords and strumming within a song - believe my chord changes that are around the 30 changes per minute are simply too slow still.
Really inspiring journey, keep it up.
p.s. I am originally from Zagreb with some relatives in Slovenia.

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@bk2 That’s awesome, sounds like your a natural! Enjoy your journey and rock on mate!:metal:

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I like your attitude Hackshock. Keep at it, you’ll get there…tbh around 5 months doesn’t seem like a whole lot to me. I feel like I’m a slow learner myself, joined back in Dec 2021 I think and I’m only near the end of beginner grade 2 now. Progress felt dreadfully slow but It’s all worth it once you play your first song, ain’t nothing else like it!

Welcome BK. Sounds like you are doing great!

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