Introduction To Dice Songwriting

We’re going to write a song together from start to finish in just 30 minutes… this should be interesting!

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Hey Justin this is one of the songs i’ve managed to finish and produce too:) let me know what you think, great video and thanks for the lessons as always:) Collide - YouTube

Very nice, quite enjoyed it.

Hello @liamcarmichael10 and welcome to the community.
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I listened to your song with interest. Good stuff. I’m wondering what your connection is with Justin’s site and how long you’ve been using his lessons?

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Cheers :blush:
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Hey man, nice work!

I would suggest to make ‘big’ bigger and ‘small’ smaller so the song changes a bit more as it progresses, but halfway through I actually had the feeling I was listening to a real, finished song.

How long have you been playing?

“Through the fire and flames we carry on” is from Through the Fire and Flames By Dragonforce \m/

Seeing the basic process drawn out like that was surprisingly insightful and actually convinced me that songwriting is not out of my reach. Going to do some experimenting with this, thanks!

Hi Justin, I am wring my song but struggling to find the right chords for the verse. I’m using the stuck 3/4 and I am not sure what key they are in? E maj7, D add11/F#, C add 9 and big G. If I just take them as E,D,C and G that are in the key of C but is that how it works? When I use Am to go into the chorus it doesn’t sound right. I’ve tried a few different combinations but it doesn’t sound right. Help?

The chords that you are playing are not the key of C. You are using chord out of the circle of 5th. In the Key of C the D and E would be minor chords. Using circle of 5th the chords would be C G D E and A not Am so try A.
Hey Joe also uses the circle of 5th chords.

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Thanks Stitch. I will give that a go.

Bravo! Very clever! May motivate me to do some songwriting.