Introductions are in order. I'm howlandwolf, from Athens, GA

My name is Reid. I’m 51, and I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years (my middle name is Howland if you were wondering where howlandwolf came from. What musician could resist?).

My avatar is my main guitar, a partscaster that started life in 1991 as an American Standard strat and has had everything except the body and bridge/trem replaced at least once. That’s black spraypaint, a Warmoth roasted maple neck with SS frets, the electronics are Mojotone, and there’s a set of Lollar pickups in its future. The current ones are Fender Tex-Mex and they’re…meh. Jimmy Vaughn makes them sound superb; alas, I do not.

Along my journey, I’ve written a boatload of songs, made a dozen or so records as a musician and another handful as a recordist, owned a studio, and traveled all over the country gigging. I spent a couple of years traveling with bands as a guitar tech, and I put in close to two decades schlepping guitars and gear at a couple of different music stores. My current band has been together for about thirteen years and released three records, with a fourth in the works; it’s a part-time thing now, but it’s too much fun to stop doing.

My favorite pop/rock bands all start with the letter B for some reason: Beatles, The Band, Beach Boys, Byrds, Badfinger, Big Star. The Clash changed my life when I got London Calling for my tenth birthday, and they remain dear to my shriveled heart. Love me some soul/r&b -Curtis Mayfield, Sly, Ike and Tina, Ruth Brown, Cornell Dupree, Steve Cropper, yadda yadda. Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite singer, far and away, and as far as pure musician go, it’s Joe Pass, all day long. I could go on and on and on; after a lifetime of record collecting and general all-around music junkiedom, brothers and sisters, I have opinions.

I love gear, have always been fascinated by instruments, amplifiers, mics, blah blah blah.



Welcome, Reid! Good to see you here.


Hi Reid and warm welcome to Community. You seem like an experienced person with plenty of baggage on your back, just wondering how did you find Justinguitar and how useful he was in your guitar journey?

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Welcome to the community Reid

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Wow Reid, really looking forward to seeing you around here. With your experience you’ll be able to help in a zillion different ways, but just as much as that I’ll bet you have some fantastic stories to tell.

There are so many great B bands, you could stop there and never run out of music! The Clash for your 10th birthday? How cool is that! My grandparents got me a Chet Atkins on 8-track when I was about the same age. :smiley:

Also +1 for Jimmy Vaughan, one of my favorite under-rated players. Great taste with all of the r&b you cited, but you already know that.

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Hello Reid and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

If you’re of the mind, I look forward to you maybe posting some of your playing in the AVOYP section.


Hi Reid, 35 years a guitar player and it sounds like many fine and fun experiences collected along the way. What is it brought you to JustinGuitar? Are you looking to learn new skills from Justin’s course your already experienced position?

Thank you, happy to be here, baggage and all. I don’t remember how I found Justin, honestly, or how long ago; most likely I just stumbled across him in a google search. Who could resist such a pleasant bloke?
Justin’s been extremely helpful to me at this stage of my journey. It’s sort of like college was for me; I took electives and courses I was interested in first and put off core classes as long as possible. I did the same thing with guitar - I skipped all the fundamentals, and after I could switch between the easy open chords, I joined a band. It’s kind of ridiculous how far one pentatonic pattern and a handful of simple licks have carried me, tbh. Now I’m the old guy sitting at the front of the class in Blues 101 and enjoying playing the guitar more than ever.

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Sounds like a dream, hope you enjoy lessons and the Community, it’s always nice to share experiences of playing a guitar and sounds like you have a lot to share with us :slight_smile: all the best.

Hi, Dave, thank you for the kind words. Yep, I have stories. I don’t know how interesting they are, but I got 'em.

Getting London Calling at ten was an accident; I was not that cool. My stepfather was hip enough to recognize the Elvis parody when he saw the cover of the album at a record store, figured the music had to be godawful, and thought it’d be a hoot to bring it home to me and my stepbrother. He thought we’d get a laugh out of the limeys and that’d be that. Unfortunately for him and my mom, it blew us away and made us disciples of punk rock, college radio, and the Atlanta music scene. As dumb as it sounds, that chance purchase of a record set the course for the rest of my life.

Nice to meet a fellow Jimmy Vaughn fan. He’s got the greasiest grooves going and man do I love his tone!

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Greasy grooves, man that is the perfect way to describe his style. He is just a cool cat all day and all night. Back in the 80s I was living in Houston for a few years and got to see SRV and Jimmy V pretty often. At that time SRV had just really exploded onto the scene so I would see him in Houston every once in awhile, drive over to Austin to see him, saw him on the beach at South Padre Island, just all over the place. Several times Jimmy was also there, either with the T-Birds or just on his own, and he would come out and play a few with Stevie. You have probably seen video (or may lucky enough to see live like I was) of the brothers where one of them would be sitting and the other would be standing behind, playing over the shoulder with grins wider than their faces. I’m not going to knock SRV at all, the dude was intense! But Jimmy is slick, and like you said, Jimmy has the tone.

Also, love the story behind your getting The Clash. Really cracks me up. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome Reid, you sure do have a great name for a musician :smiley:

Welcome to the Community, Reid.

Thoroughly enjoyed all the stories, also enjoy Jimmy Vaughan, and hope you’ll share some of your playing soon.

Hi Reid and welcome.

What a fascinating story. I wish you well filling in the gap in your knowledge, Justin will be the man for that job. Look forward to share your experiences and your music.