iReal: anyone using this? need help

Hi, I’ve had iReal for a long time and am using it more now to create practice backing tracks for a set list in progress. It’s pretty easy for basic stuff but I’m getting really tripped up with the arranging aspects of things.

IN intro, A, B, C sections 1st endings, 2nd endings, CODA, DS al coda etc…
Trying to input Rock & Roll (Zep). 8th chords are not a doable thing in iReal but I can overlook this.

I’ve had a look at iReal boards but thought I’d try here too.

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Can’t help with iReal, but I use GarageBand to create my backing tracks and I’m amazed at how much control it gives you over arrangements. I was actually able to perfectly recreate the odd timing of the rim-clicks in the intro to LaGrange by ZZ Top. The resolution is easily down to the 32nd-note, if not better.

Yeah, it’s another software tool to learn, but it’s free and pretty darn capable.

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It looks interesting. Is there a trial mode? I’m keen on it but the iReal Pro entry price has me hesitating. Or is there a non pro version?

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just grazing GarageBand now …

I think I paid 20, or maybe even $40 CAD for it a bunch of years ago. A lot for an app but it’s a pretty cool tool.

I use it to quickly keyboard input a chord sequence etc, pick a key, bpm, style and go. I’m using it mainly as a quick customizable backing track creator tool that works on the fly.

I also see that you can export an iReal file as a multi track midi file into GB and then swap out the instruments etc. I did this once last year and tried it again to find some glitches. Individual tracks port but no input / output volume control so clipping …

Anyway, perhaps these glitches have work arounds but I loath and beware the tech black hole ….

edit: you can also output wav format in stereo as a usable GB or other output format.

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