Irig hd2 help

I am trying to use the irig to record my acoustic and then as I listen to that recording I sing over that as I record me singing. But the problem is garage band seems to shut my external mic off if I have irig plugged in .anyone help me with this very new to trying to record. I did do it one and don’t know how I did it.

Hey Jeff, if I understand what you are trying to do, you shouldn’t need your irig plugged in to record your vocals.

GarageBand would have 2 audio tracks, your guitar, and your vocals. You should be able to record your guitar using irig on 1 track and then change your input to your mic and record vocals on the second track, using track 1 as a backing track.

Am I understanding your set up correctly?

Yes but if the guitar part is recording me singing over guitar part it also here’s the guitar part and re records that or can I use headphones

Yeah you can also change your output to headphones when recording vocals to prevent that.