Iron Maiden - Two Minutes to Midnight

My band finally found a sound guy to come on board without getting paid for practicing. He’s simply in the band, he gets paid wen we do, lol. This was day one with him. I picked this song because it’s the last song I posted of my band on the old forums, so if you heard it you’ll be able to tell the difference the sound guy is making.

He’s already given us great ideas room conditioning, extra power conditioning steps (especially from the old lights). He’s also familiar with the X32 sound board we use. Bassically someone who understands the sound equipment the way we understand our instruments. And he recommended adding two of the large sub stacks in addition to the PA for solely the bass and kick so I like this guy already. All in all I think he’s a great addition to the band. So now it’s a band plus the light guy, the sound guy and my camera girl, ie my wife.

Hope you enjoy it.

Two Minutes to Midnight!


Ha ha what a wise sound guy. He brings a whole raft of skills and he’s a perfect addition to the band John. Happy for you.

Another piece of the puzzle, John. Recording sounds great.

Way to go, John! :smiley:
If the Community gets one ‘resident bassist’, at least it’s a badass mother who runs a fast rock-solid line, sings backing vocals, and even sports the jeans/leather/long hair and ZZ top facials.
They should put you centre-stage man :sunglasses:

Good news and I think one of the hardest bits to get right when playing live. Great if you’ve got someone who can dial you in exactly like you want.

Hi John

Sounding good and you seem to have amassed a great team now. Only thing I could say was the drums seemed a little prominent but I was not on top of my PC speakers when listening so could be room acoustics this end. But all in all great cover and crisper than the previous version.



That was superb John.

Great stuff getting a sound guy in and my word, that is a fair set of amps you have there.

Nicely done, my favorite IM tune if I’m being honest!
It’s cool that you found someone to do sound on a permanent basis. We were talking about doing the same in my band when we last rehearsed. Good sound always makes you play better :slight_smile:

Great stuff John. The new man has really got you sounding good. Well done.

I’d agree with you Toby but from experience you need the right recording tool to capture a balanced output live in a room. Difficult to tell whether the guitars were too low in the mix OR whether it’s just the recorder that’s the problem. I know we ALWAYS have to turn up the guitars when Lisa arrives :wink:

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@Endureth - You guys are killing it! Great job. Very cool that you’ve found a sound guy that fits in with the group and knows his stuff. That’s huge.

The bass sounded great! No wonder you’re a happy camper. :slight_smile:

Hi John!
Congratulations on such a сool addition to your band! :smiley:
I haven’t heard the version of the song from the old forum, but this one sounds just fine.
All four are well done. And I want to mention your bass playing - you are a virtuoso!
Keep on rocking!

I’ll stand there just like a tree, lol. I’ve been practicing staring at my fretboard so long I forget to interact with anyone.

There are certainly bugs to work out. This was the sound guy’s first day even meeting us. I’m heading over to the practice room this week to make a lot of his recommended changes before next week. We gotta put up some drum shields and hook up the 15" subs because our current PA speakers don’t have subs (well, they’re there on stage, stacks but not hooked into the PA). We didn’t expect to haul them around but I’m suddenly excited. There’s a whole bunch of recommendations he made that we agree with and will be updating the whole space.

It’s was hard for us to find one. Most of those guys that run those mix machines have kush jobs so they expect to be paid for their time, even practices. We weren’t interested in that, we wanted to find a guy that was willing to get paid when we got paid, work on putting together a whole show and then renting venues and tour our way down to Daytona, then over to Sturgis, playing shows along the way. It’s hard finding someone willing to jump on that train. Now that we have the sound guy, we can concentrate on other aspects and nailing down our parts.

The guy we found works at an opera house/music hall as an assistant to the main sound guy. He mentioned that he’s always wanted to work with a band so he had more time to work on the sound. At his day job acts come through all the time and he only gets one night on their sound.

I’ll be even happier once the subs are up and he’s had more time to work on the sound. He was able to take the files from the practice home so he could set-up the x32 files before next practice. All kinds of routing, effects, triggers and whatchamados I don’t really understand.

Thanks for this and all the other encouragements in this thread! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.


Cool look @Endureth :smiley:
Love this song and solid playing.

Love to see you jamming with Kyllswitch; this must have been quite the workout?!

No trace of mud though and one of the seldom recordings I can actually distinctively hear the bass! :smiley: I think he keeps the frequencies separated nicely

A video isn’t the best refernce for sound but perhaps the guitar could have used a bit more low mid? (perhaps in seperatign the instruments he took a bit much of his low end to lower the risk of beign too much in your territory? grain of salt; I can be completely wrong here.

Nice development with the sound guy! I was going to say that as per usual you, as the bass man, are pushed to the back of the stage but then I see the drummer is buried and hidden in his drum kit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: