Is anyone else bothered by the creature at the end of Justin's old videos?

Is anyone else bugged by the weird bear at the end of these?

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It’s not a bear, It’s a Tasmanian Devil. Seen rather fitting seeing Justin is from Tasmania. He only used it on the older lessons. And No it doesn’t bother me.


Hi Landon,
When I spoke to him during my hour of chatting, I told him that I thought it was a nice ending to end up with that devil (I think they are beautiful), only our cat gets scared every time looking what the heck is in the house :roll_eyes: she hates that sound :blush:, he had a good laugh about it and had almost lost memories for a long time bee . :sunglasses:

Alright. I was just wondering what it was and why it was there. I was asking because, as a more recent member of Justin guitar, I haven’t seen much of the old videos. No need to get snappy @stitch. Also, I didn’t know Justin was from Tasmania! That’s awesome!

@Landotron Wasn’t trying to be snappy just telling you what that weird bear was and answering your question.
Just noticed it your first post Welcome to the forum

Hmm. I don’t remember seeing a lesson with a Tasmanian devil at the end. I’ll have to hunt for one.

On the Stairway to Heaven videos there is a Tasmanian devil at the end.

Sorry I called you snappy. The way I read your comment just sounded that way. Again, I apologize.


Oh dear showing my age or my time with Justin. I remember many with the old Taz.



That’s my favourite Taz right there Toby, mnewarghhh :joy::wink:


Thank you. I knew his accent was Aussie with a hint of pommy but a mate was saying Nup, def Pom. Being an Aussie but lived in the UK for many years, I could definitely pick up on the English bits but the Aussie is far more distinctive.

I just won a $20 bet :slightly_smiling_face:


American here but i have a long time, close Aussie friend from Victoria, and I am quite used to how he speaks. When I started this course I was confused about Justin’s accent because I’d read he is Australian. Ive been told that northern Aus accents can take on British qualities but generally further south sounds less British. I thought Justin sounded rather British and learning he was from Tasmania made me really confused until I heard him say he’s lived in Britain for awhile and then it made sense.