Is Grade 4 going to happen?

I am done with Grade 3 now and while I think I can figure out where to go next by myself I was wondering if a grade 4 is going to come out at some point, since Justing did allude to a grade 4 in some videos.

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Hi Nikolai,
Grade 4
You mean these?
Greetings ,Rogier

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Hi Roger,
No, I meant specifically Grade 4 of the Ear Training course.
Greetings, Nikolai

Of course you meant that :see_no_evil:…
that’s why it’s also posted under ear training… I wasn’t paying good attention again :blush:
I can hardly imagine that there will be a 4th (certainly not soon)…but of course I have no idea about that …although tomorrow??? :joy:
I wish you a lot of fun,

to be fair there are some ear training exercises in the link you posted

Hi James,
I see :sweat_smile: