Is “I have a dream” by ABBA a good beginner song?

Is “I have a dream” by abba a good beginner song?


Sandy, I have no idea as to the chords etc. But knowing ABBA in general, the harmony and melody of their songs, I’d guess it would be pretty challenging. But perhaps it can be simplified?

I’ve no idea where you are in your own learning and playing. If still working through Grades 1-3, then I’d suggest working on some of the songs Justin suggests in his course lessons or picking from his song lessons by filtering for the appropriate grade or chord usage. These may not be the songs you ultimately want to play but will be helpful to work on applying what you’ve been learn in playing songs.

I think it could make a great beginners song as the three chords are A, E and D. I think I’m going to add it to my own repertoire!

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@Sloveless yes it is a very good song for a beginner.
Very easy strumming pattern. Could start with one down stum
per barre the as your strumming technique gets more advanced
you could work that in.
One of those songs that will grow with you as you get better.

@Tracey63 adding it to your repertoire is a good choice

@DavidP now that you have Justin’s ear maybe suggest it as a
Grade 1 song it has A D E the first three chords in the beginner


Rick, anybody can post a request for a song lesson here - All Songs | - using the Request Board tab.

Richard and Lieven do monitor that and add their recommendations in addition to the voting system in place.