Is it OK to discuss a certain guitar game that has been a major let-down?

Just wondering if anyone has been successful in getting a refund for a 12month subscription from a company that doesn’t seem to offer any support at all.

I will avoid using the names in case that’s against the rules. But it seems that satisfied users are hard to find and I was one of the fools that thought the delayed release meant that they were getting it right before releasing so I committed to a year.

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Its OK to just say fender you know

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Nah this is Rocksmith+ for sure. The new subscription one has been a flop.

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ooh that! Yeah not looked at that

Why would I want to subscribe to a game?

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Yeah… This Rocksmith+ game was a big disappointmemt to me too :frowning: And the support was the same.

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I have to say, having been a fairly happy user of the previous Rocksmith games, I looked at the new subscription offer and it was a big “nope” from me.

Personally, I see no reason not to discuss this. We discuss other brands all the time.




What have Fender done to upset people?

:joy: Must have done something

In theory you would subscribe because instead of buying tracks one at a time, it buys you access to a massive library of lessons / tracks much like you’d get from a Spotify subscription.

To be clear, I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad, just answering the question of why it’s a subscription.

Yeah I feel similar about Rocksmith. I’ve got the regular version and I load it up from time to time and it works pretty well. I just find it lacks the structure of a proper course and so I now see it as something fun to complement what I’m learning with Justin.

As for the subscription, I’m not ruling it out in the future. Just because it seems to have been a pretty rough launch doesn’t mean it will remain that way. The devs made significant improvements to the original Rocksmith over the years and I suspect the same will be true of Rocksmith+

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I own both previous Rocksmith games but didn’t even consider the idea of subscribing to the new one.

I almost never do subscriptions because if I pay money then I want to own what I’m buying, not just temporary access to it. The argument that it gives you access to everything doesn’t fly because buying products outright (like the previous Rocksmiths) generally does the same thing. The argument that it gives you access to future content at no charge doesn’t fly because one, you are being charged regularly, and two, you might not even be interested in said content. Give me optional DLCs for one-off payments any day of the week so that I can pick and choose… like the previous Rocksmiths.

The other reason I would never, ever subscribe is… Ubisoft. Anyone with any interest in gaming will know their reputation for underdeveloped, bug-filled games and a total lack of support for anyone having issues. It’s of absolutely no surprise to me that Rocksmith+ is a mess, despite the delay in it’s release. And it will be no surprise to me when months, or even years, later people are still having major issues with it.

Anyone interested in Rocksmith style gameplay would be better off buying Rocksmith 2014 with it’s hundreds of songs, and then modding it to accept custom tracks to get thousands more. All for one single price.


I haven’t been a PC gamer, outside of RS2014, for a long time so I didn’t know Ubisoft’s reputation. They are living up to that rep at the moment. After being unable to post on their discussion board, I made an effort to contact them. The only help I saw was, “We’d be happy to help once you login”. But I was already logged in.

I was unreasonably hoping that someone would have been where I am and found some magic bullet that made this thing work with some stability.

The game does work in about 40% of my attempts. Most of the time, my interface (Irig and Focusrite solo) doesn’t work even after it did on my last attempt. Its crazy to me that some unauthorized patch was able to make my focusrite work with 2014 but a whole team of techs can’t get it to work properly on the new version.

When it does work, I am satisfied with what I am paying. Every software dev is making efforts to go to a subscription model. the song list is not impressive but there are a couple of bright spots and the exercises are much better. But that ~40% success rate reflects my having to recheck, disconnect, reconnect and pray that my interface works. I honestly can’t remember it ever just functioning when it opens. My guess is that at some point Ubi will find someway to stop 2014 from working.

So, if you are considering it and are on the fence about their subscription then my advice is to stay far far away. I wish I had and I hope to get out the commitment I made in order to get a better rate.

Makes me wonder how bad it must have been during the beta tests if the release works for everyone else like it does for me.

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I feel for you mate, it’s a crappy situation to be in. Funds are tight enough for many people already, without money being eaten up by a service that isn’t even fit for purpose. Hopefully more people will see this thread before considering Rocksmith+, and save themselves the frustration.

The extremely thin silver lining is that you’ve learnt a few lessons here:

  • Never trust Ubisoft to deliver a stable, working product worth the money they charge, and don’t expect quick fixes to any issues.

  • Never buy any software on or near it’s release date. Quality control is practically non-existent in the industry these days, particularly in the gaming sector, with paying customers essentially used as beta testers. Wait a few months at least for the software to be patched up.

  • Ignore the official blurb, and always take the time to look up unofficial reviews (ie, ones that haven’t been “sponsored”) and genuine customer experiences with any product you’re interested in.

If you’re into internet conspiracy theories, they already tried. A recent patch around the time of the RS+ release “broke” RS 2014. The conspiracy theorists immediately jumped on this as Ubisoft deliberately making the game unplayable, in order to force us all to “upgrade” to RS+.

Of course it was total nonsense as RS2014 still worked fine for most people. The patch merely made the game incompatible with the unofficial mods used to import custom songs, that’s all. The mods were updated and now work fine again.

You’ve highlighted another con of subscription services though… they can be shut down at any time. There’s probably some legal requirement to partially refund subscription fees, unless it’s in the small print that they don’t have to. With “offline” products they can choose to stop selling them, but I don’t think they can just deliberately patch them to stop them working. Even if they did, some enterprising modder would find a way around the issue.

It’s okay to discuss though I have moved to Just Chatting.

I really enjoyed Rocksmith and RS2014. I had never played guitar and this was one of the first things I found when doing an internet search was RS. I went out immediately and bought the original. It took a bit to get used to how things worked but I was playing guitar. Less than a year later 2014 came out. That was a big leap forward and I was hooked on it. I think I have 400+ official DLC songs. I am on PS4. When I heard about RS+ I immediately signed up and was on the list of testers. I downloaded it to my laptop and wanted to check it out. I was never able to get it to work one time. That was a bummer to me. Then I started seeing screen shots and hearing all the reviews and that pretty much killed it for me. If it comes to Playstation, I might consider it but I am not thrilled with the subscription mess.

I am not quite ready to withdraw all my complaints about Ubisoft but if recent evidence is any indicator then this game is much better with fast internet compared to mid-fast. Since posting my original message, I have accessed the game 4-5 times and it hasn’t missed a beat. Even the interface worked as it should.

It has been problematic in the past even on my home internet but the recent issues that sparked my post happened on a hotel’s internet. That connection speed seemed fast enough for me to not see any buffering on youtube and all pages loaded quickly.

Anyway, I am not hating the game nearly as much as before. Even with that said, its (over-all)not really better than RS2014 and, without a big improvement in available songs, I will not be re-subscribe when the time comes.

Ubisoft certainly doesn’t offer the support that is required for me continue to pay monthly. And they are ABSOLUTELY not good enough for a long-term commitment.