Is the app interactive?

For example, it would be good if the 1 minute chord changes routine could tell if how many changes you did in 60 seconds or if the songs could tell you how many times you hit the right note - guitar hero style?

No, I agree it would be a great feature, but does not provide as it is.

I guess Justin would say that your ears are your best feedback tool you have…


In the past, I used an app which had chord recognition like you are talking. I found the concept interesting at first like you, but then, I kept having problems with my setup. Some chords were randomly marked as errors. The developers recommended buying a better microphone, a USB interface, another pickup for my guitar etc… The solutions were expensive and not guaranteed to work. In the end, the feature became more frustrating than fun.

When I switched to Justin Guitar App, I learned to use my ear as a feedback tool and had way less frustration and way more fun :slight_smile:


You’re basically talking about recreating rocksmith, given Justin has a very small team of developers working on the app that’s just not going to happen.

Rocksmith generally uses an AI and still gets a lot of stuff wrong

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Thanks all :smile:

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